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Favorite Blue Oyster Cult album

BOC anyone?  

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Again difficult, but my preferences definately veer towards the mid period stuff of Mirrors, Cultosaurus and Fire.


I'll have to go Cultosaurus Erectus but Fire Of Unknown Origin would be hot on it's heels!!!!!

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I went with Spectres for Golden Age Of Leather, Celestial The Queen, Fireworks, I Love The Night, Searchin' For Celine, Godzilla, etc.

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B.O.C are my alltime favorite band and probably the most unregonized band in the world, shame. I'll go with Mirrors, that lp. just has so many great songs on it but i also love all the other lps too. Some more favorites are:


Agents Of Fortune


Fire Of An Unknow Origin

Revolution By The Night


I really miss new studio release by B.O.C


P.S Anyone know where there are MIRRORS tabs online?

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Fave BOC...hmmm. Probably a tie between Agents and Mirrors. Those two have some truly xlnt material, esp. "The Vigil." Cultosaurus Erectus also rocks. I saw BOC in '03 and they actually performed "The Vigil"—I was surprised! They also did "Black Blade." If they'd thrown in "Veteran Of The Psychic Wars" the night would've been perfect! :headbanger:

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I like On Your Feat, but what it all boils down to, is im cool with any B.O.C. as long as it's played with the proper amount of Cowbell!

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My vote goes to Imaginos.

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Revolution By Night for me. "Shooting Shark" is a fantastic song. Agents of Fortune would be my second favorite.

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