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Fear Not - new album due in 2022

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Good news from those who like me who still enjoy Fear Not's 1993 release.


From Angelic Warlord:

New Album Teaser & Digital Single From FEAR NOT:
Press Release / FEAR NOT are about to make their mark on 2022. This is going to be the year FEAR NOT fans have waited for- a return to the music scene with a brand new full-length album, live shows and more!

FEAR NOT is coming at you this year! The band is currently hard at work finishing up its second full-length album coming out via Roxx Records in late Spring!

The first single “Struggle” was shared last year through the bands website and Roxx Records and received great feedback from around the world.

Today we are releasing a sneak peak of what’s ahead. Sit back, click the link above, and get ready for FEAR NOT to knock your socks off!

And if you like that, you can also officially pick up the digital version of the brand new single “Struggle” releasing on all your favorite platforms on January 28th.

And finally, get ready as we prepare to bring you what we think will be one of the greatest new Christian rock releases for 2022 on vinyl, CD and digital all over the world!

Get ready for FEAR NOT!

Roxx Records online: https://roxxrecords.com & www.facebook.com/RoxxRecords777

FEAR NOT online: www.facebook.com/FearNotRoxx

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  • My Little Pony

Uh... what???

Anybody listen to that new song last year? Is it any good?

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6 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Anybody listen to that new song last year? Is it any good?

It's okay, nothing more. The "Wounded Hearts" EP they did back in 2019 is better. But neither really holds a candle to the self-titled album.

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They been out of it along fucking time, those kind of albums usually dont even come close to their pinnacle stuff.

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