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WFT - Washington Football Team new name is... ???


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Should have stuck with the football team. Other than the OG Redskins anything else would be silly. Case in point The Commanders...


I can hear the negative press already after a rousing stadium chant of Commanders segues into or begins to sound like "COMMANDO" and then o dear are we in for another round of nonsense.

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I hope they bring the Redskins name back, personally.

Not that I care about especially care about football, but because I worked with a super chill Native American guy who has a DIEHARD Redskins fan.

I once asked him, "Hey Andy, uh, isn't that name like, offensive to your people?"

I'll never forget the look he gave me. He was dumbfounded. He goes, "Why would I be offended?" and points at the logo, "that's me!"

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