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Frontiers Music Suing Dino Jelusic (Animal Drive is no more)


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I'm not aware of all the backstory here but Froniters posted on their official Facebook today regarding a lawsuit involving them and Dino Jelusic.  Apparently, Animal Drive has disbanded while either not delivering masters of their second album or delivering them with Frontiers refusing to release it.  They are apparently suing Dino to prevent him from recording with anyone else. Something like that anyway.

Here's their full statement:



We are aware, and surprised by, statements made today by the band Animal Drive which were published on their official Facebook page.
The band claims Frontiers has:
a) unduly and repeatedly postponed the release of the band's second album;
b) repeatedly threatened the band and unilaterally disrupted communication with them.
In addition, the band declared that it would be defending itself in court, given the lawsuit brought "against ANIMAL DRIVE" by Frontiers and that this has somehow led the band to split up.
Frontiers, in the interest of truth and to defend our integrity, believes that a response is called for in light of these statements being released, as they are defamatory, untrue, and far from portraying the reality of the situation.
It should be said that Frontiers was notified last year (2020) that Animal Drive had ended as a band. We were informed for the first time that the name “ANIMAL DRIVE” had become unavailable for use by them due to some internal issues completely unrelated to Frontiers. Now the band would make you believe that ANIMAL DRIVE band will no longer exist due only to Frontiers lawsuit with Mr. Dino Jelusick, which is simply untrue.
It is not true that it was Frontiers who postponed the release of the repeatedly announced album "Follow the Blind Man" (ANIMAL DRIVE's second album). On the contrary, the fact is that the band NEVER delivered the definitive master of the album. The band themselves considered the provisional master that they initially delivered as not technically adequate for release. Further, no music video assets or artwork were delivered to the label. It is impossible for Frontiers to release a product without these materials that were never delivered by the band.
There is an attempt to pass as "threats" the desire of Frontiers to enforce the rights established in contracts and that Mr. Dino Jelusic suddenly decided he didn't want to respect. There have been many attempts by Frontiers to reconcile the disputes that have arisen, but there has always been a refusal by the other side to recognize ANYTHING that was contractually established and engage in conversation. Therefore, the label first notified the artist of the breaches of the agreement several times and finally, without any other choice, Frontiers proceeded with a lawsuit based on the terms of the existing contracts.
Frontiers has not sued ANIMAL DRIVE. It is indeed true that a lawsuit against Mr. Dino Jelusic and his management/representative are pending in front of the Court of Napoli, but no one else is involved beyond those persons. The nature of the lawsuit is that Frontiers believes that it contractually has the rights to the exclusive services of Mr. Dino Jelusic for recordings. The artist in question had initially recognized this agreement, but subsequently, and without any explanation, refused and even denied such right to exist.
Again, in the interest of the truth, the lawsuit is a consequence of the behavior indicated above and certainly there was, is ,and will never be any interest whatsoever from the label to prevent Animal Drive from releasing music either now, nor in the future.
This is the truth of the matter, all documentable, as in fact it was documented in front of a judge. Needless to say, if Mr. Jelusic (not the band ANIMAL DRIVE) believes he has to fight in court to assert his rights, Frontiers will do the same with a perfectly clear conscience.
Time, as well as the court, will determine who was right.


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Just another "You're lying! No, YOU'RE lying!" bunch of music drama. Whatevs. Gotta say though, there's a bit of a huge discrepancy in the timeline of the demise of the band as related to the timing of the lawsuit. Both parties can't be right on that one.

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On 6/25/2021 at 12:46 AM, KarpetRydOFunk said:

Frontiers seems to be the common denominator in a bunch of the recent drama. 

A record label involved in sketchy behavior? Well I never!

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  • My Little Pony
On 6/27/2021 at 10:28 AM, Eric3 said:

A record label involved in sketchy behavior? Well I never!

I know. These are def uncharted waters. 

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