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Rough Cutt - III (w/Paul Shortino)


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I haven't read up on what transpired with the guys, but it appears there are two versions of Rough Cutt now(?)  And they released versions of the same song ("Bed of Black Roses" aka "Black Rose").  This version features three members of the original line-up, Paul, Amir and Matt.  They are releasing the new album "III" exclusively through the DDR Music Group.  While the other version features Chris and Dave, also from the original line-up.





You wanted the real ROUGH CUTT featuring Paul Shortino, Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne, you got them! We'll even through in a special guest appearance by legendary Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo shredding solos on three new tracks. The DDR Music Group and the three main men of ROUGH CUTT are proud to bring you their brand new album “III”.

A fitting title for the first album of new material released by the band since 1986. The guys have been hard at work crafting the killer new tracks “Electric”, “Bed Of Black Roses”, “Dive”, “Don’t Say A Word”, “Bleed”, “Secrets” and “Chasing Dreams” - and can we just say Paul sounds great! We’ve also included three very rare and hard to find tracks “Prowler”, “Peyote” and “House Of Pain”.

Many false accusations and lies have been made public about arguably the three most important members of ROUGH CUTT and all of them are completely fabricated non sense. To release anything under the moniker of ROUGH CUTT without Paul, Amir and Matt is nothing short of unprofessional and disrespectful to the members and especially to the fans. Simply put, No Paul, no Rough Cutt! Without saying a single word this album proves the 3 original members as well as the band ROUGH CUTT are alive and kickin’ ass as seriously as they did in the mid eighties. “III” marks the real and indisputable return of the band, crank it up loud and proud, it’s the only way Paul, Amir and Matt would want it. Now let’s get this party started!!


This album is a brand new release, crafted in Los Angeles, California, mixed by Matt Thorne & mastered by Lance V. It comes packaged in an 8 page booklet with a full set of lyrics. This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from Paul Shortino, Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne and is exclusively available from the DDR Music Group. Get your copy today!

This album is available as a full album download through Bandcamp.




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The "other" version of Black Rose


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Yeah , always like a bit of Shortinos voice but listening to the new release previews it really didn't do much for me if im honest.

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On 7/7/2021 at 4:15 PM, nyoilers said:

Listened to the whole CD and it's pretty good.

Thanks..I picked this up myself and it is pretty good...presentation looks a bit rushed though if I was being honest.

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Sounds like Rough Cutt, but if I'm honest, they never did much for me in the first place anyway. I imagine this is okay for the fans, but it's a pass from me. 

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