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Steelcity Mach 2

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Kivel Records

The Brand New Single, from the upcoming SteelCity release "MACH II" Due Fall of 2019 on Kivel Records

Featuring :
Roy Cathey (Cold Sweat/The Fifth) on Lead Vocals!
BJ Zampa (House of Lords/Maxx Explosion) on Drums!
Jason Cornwell (Eric Martin Band) on Bass!
And on Lead Guitar, Mike Floros!

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The debut was very good,liking what im hearing from this also,kind of a Danny Vaughn vibe to the new vocalist   :)

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Wow, Cathey's voice has changed through the years. Still sounds great, though. But definitely different. 

Anyway, this sounds great. Looking forward to it.  

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'Mach II' out March 20 on Perris Records.

SteelCity is excited to announce that we've signed with Perris Records! With a list of artists that includes Helix, Heaven's Edge, 99 Crimes, and Morano, we're both proud and extremely humbled to call Perris our new home. News for pre-order of Mach II will be coming in very short order on both Perris' site and our own, so stay tuned!

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Mine arrived today from AORHeaven,a bit of a let down if im honest,only one spin in but it lacks that instant vibe of the debut,it sounds ok but I feel its maybe the songs that are letting it down for me atm...will give it a few more listens before a final decision.

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Some good songs on this!

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Really, really average album. 'Still Close to My Heart' is a pretty decent stab at a commercial balladic number. But the rest is extremely forgettable. 'Steal your heart' was okay too... 

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