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Avantasia - Moonglow

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Nobody on here likes them anymore. My brother just got it, so I'll have to steal it from him. The samples sounded pretty good. 

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Rubbish album. However, strangely, I do like the cover of 'Maniac.' Even though it's been covered 18,986 times, this is probably the best cover I've heard. 

Ironically, the only other good song on the thing is a wonderful bonus track. Usually I'd say why on earth is the only good song on here a bonus track?! But I actually genuinely understand it in this case. It's the only good song because it's the only in it's style. A pure, catchy and super melodic song. Kind of sounds a bit like WET to me. 

The rest is just bland, boring over-long power metal. 

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personally I really like this one and think it's one of TS best releases so far, but who am i ;)

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IMO the first 4 songs of Moonglow are very good tracks, however after Ravenchild (best one by light-years) it goes down and down.

The song I dislike more is 'Lavender', for me probably the weakest song of Avantasia EVER. Lavender, Tobias? WTF?

There's also a japanese bonus track named 'Heart' but just okeysh.

In summary, a clear step (or two) below the great 'Ghostlights', though the first 4 tracks are worth of being added to your collection.


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Just getting around to listening to this album in its entirety, and IMO this is better and more approachable than most previous efforts. Yes, the songs can get a wee bit lengthy, but The Raven Child, even at 11:14 in lengthy, is a superb piece.

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