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Jon Waite - 'Mask Of Smiles' (1985)


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What's the general thought on this one? Seems to me you could almost pinpoint this album as the point where he "blew it," commercially. I'm not quite old enough to know exactly how he went in the 80's, but after such a massive hit with 'Missin' You' he had a pretty great platform to re-insert himself into the limelight, but there's barely a useable single on this. I read that the opener, 'Every step of the way' and the limp 'Welcome to paradise' were singles, but neither did too well.

I think the two balladic numbers in 'Just Like Lovers' and 'The Choice' are both okay but the entire album is just completely devoid of any commercial appeal. Which is not to say that's a bad thing, or even something he considered. Maybe he purposely went this way as he didn't want another big smash hit... but I find it a really odd, bland album. What do people think of it?

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17 minutes ago, Glen said:

never been a fan....apart from Bad English 

All those other early solo albums are pretty cool. Not perfect, at all, but good stuff on them. This one, not so much. 

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Good album, although 'Ignition' 'and the mighty 'No Btrakes' are the better. of the first  three. All of his solo albums are worth digging out though, as there are treasures to be found on them all. 

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1 hour ago, Invisible_man said:

Don't Lose Any Sleep, These Times are hard for Lovers..... one could count of Diane Warren and Desmond Child for some catchy tunes. There is also Change by Holly Knight :)

All nice tunes, but none of them are on this album

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