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7th Heaven - Color In Motion


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Thanks for sharing the link.  The new songs are along the same line as the last album or two with more of a modern, pop rock style.  They can still write catchy tunes, but I prefer the style they used on their album Silver.

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They've finally got the production under control (took them long enough!!) and they are reaping the rewards because of it. It's definitely very "poppy" but by christ it's catchy and a good enjoyable listen. I really like it too. 

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12 hours ago, Ponen said:

I don't mind poppy tunes if they are catchy. Can't wait to hear this...

I don't think 7th Heaven have ever written a song that isn't catchy. ;)

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2 hours ago, PeterS said:

Think I’m elevating this one to my fave of the year.

Weeks later I keep coming back to it time and again. This ones catchier than an autumn cold. 


Nice. Super consistent band, always delivery a quality product. I really like this one too. 

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