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Age Of Reflection - In The Heat Of The Night


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Age Of Reflection:

Lars Nygren - vocals
Carl Berglund - guitar
Jonas Nordqvist - lead guitar
Jan Skärming - bass

From FB back in August:

A milestone in the history of AGE OF REFLECTION!!!
We have just signed the recorddeal we've been working, and waiting, for.
Right now we're working on our debut full length album, released on AOR-Heaven.

And in November:

At the most intense period in putting the final touch on our upcoming album before sending the material to the master, Erik Mårtensson, we have to move our studio. The timing couldn't be worse but now it's done, and the new place is better than ever.
Next week Micke Sjöö, the #1 AOR Drummer, is coming to put the beat on the rest of the tracks....we're getting closer and closer!



They released their debut selftitled EP earlier this year:


01 - Dying For Your Love
02 - Always
03 - Evelyn
04 - In The Heat Of The Night








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Very, very safe, but nothing at all wrong with it. I can't see this album blowing my mind, but I'd definitely like to check it out. Nice AOR.

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Nice song, a bit safe like Geoff said, but quite good.

Agreed. A couple of those songs break the 6 minute mark which isn't good with songs like these. If your gonna write a 6 minute song it needs to grab and hold you.
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