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Temple Balls - Traded Dreams


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Good stuff. Especially the new one 'Hell And Feelin' Fine'

From FB:

Temple Balls is an energetic 5-piece hard rock band from Oulu (Finland) that was founded in 2009 and put to its final line-up in 2014. The band is all about two distinctive guitars firing twin-lead solos, melodic licks and in your face rock riffs layered on the rock-solid foundation built by drums and bass. Add catchy choruses, meaningful lyrics, powerful background vocals and a unique yet classic lead vocalist. Got the picture? Now multiply that a few times. That’s something that might come close to Temple Balls.

For the past couple of years Temple Balls has kept busy, both in the studio and on the stage. Opening for such bands like Queen, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, the band has proven to be more than able to handle big stages as well. Haven’t forgotten the festivals either, Temple Balls has been spotted at summer festivals like Qstock, Provinssi, Ilosaarirock, South Park and Jalometalli, both in 2015 and 2016.

The debut album was recorded at Karma Sound Studios (Thailand) in May 2016, and will be released via Ranka Kustannus later this year. The album was produced by Tobias Lindell, who is known for his collaborations with such bands like Europe, Mustasch and H.E.A.T. The first single (and a video) of the upcoming album will be released the 1st of September.











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Heh heh. "Balls." Heh heh.

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The first track is great, I really dig it. Reminds me of Santa Cruz in a way.

My thought exactly

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31 minutes ago, Stefan said:

Good album.


Yeah, that's my favourite off the album but I still think it's full of fillers. The first 3 songs (minus the stupid intro) are really great but the rest is just plain average.

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