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C.O.P. UK (Crimes Of Passion) - No Place For Heaven


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With their power, melodies, hooks, songs and unmistakable aura of arena-sized magnitude, C.O.P UK (Crimes of Passion UK) will release “No Place For Heaven” their third album, and their first with new established UDR GmbH Label Services, on January 22nd 2016.

Produced and mixed by Sascha Paeth (himself a musician and songwriter as with Avantasia, Epica and others), the Sheffield, England-forged sextet have delivered 11 briskly addictive, exciting hard rock classics with influences ranging from hometown heroes Def Leppard to the likes of Saxon, Megadeth and classic White Lion.

“It’s good to see there are bands that are not denying where they came from, and ones who can still look ahead and are open to new influences,” says producer Paeth, and it’s crystal clear from opener “The Core” that C.O.P UK want to evoke the influence of such groups while injecting some new energy and steel into the proceedings. Songs such as the epically-structured “No Place For Heaven” with Cloudy Yang dovetailing wonderfully with Radcliffe to form a true radio-hugger the speedy melodic-metal thrust of “Halo” and the soaring emotions of “Catch Me If You Can” show a band whose steel-coated delivery and expansive embrace of classic-yet-fresh songwriting earmark them as a hard rock force which cannot be kept quiet.

“Always remember,” states Paeth, “real singing, real playing and real song-writing makes real music, period!”


C.O.P. UK are
Dale Radcliffe (vocals)
Charles Staton (guitar)
Andrew Mewse (guitar)
Henning Wanner (keys)
Scott Jordan (bass)
Kev Tonge (drums)













  • The Core
  • My Blood
  • Kiss Of An Angel
  • Take It To The Grave
  • No Place For Heaven
  • Burn Hell
  • Halo
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • No Mans Land
  • One In A Million
  • Stranger Than Fiction





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Pretty darned good.


I like it. On first impression I think I prefer them to the other C.O.P.


I like the vocalist. Two good songs.


Well Dan and Geoff, you must check this one out (from the previous release). This one and the whole album is mighty fine.




If you missed my thread, look here: http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=33924&do=findComment&comment=721304

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I saw them play live in Munich just a few weeks ago (touring with The Poodles). They were crap. Either they guy can't sing or he was pissed drunk the night before.

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Geoff, I was looking on the Jb web site and it looks there going be Aussie release.


Cool. Their release/s (?) so far see quite obscure.

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Ha, I didn't manage to listen till "Catch Me If You Can" the first time I tried to listen the cd. This is semi-decent.



I'm really struggling to listen this or Resurrection Kings. And I 'm out of self help books.

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'Kiss of an angel' and 'Stranger than fiction' are great tunes. Overall it's a good solid album but I'm not blown away by it as a whole.

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