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This is... uhh... "Different".


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Been aware of this lot for quite a while. They played at our local Rock club last year and I saw them on Download I think it was. Good at what they do maybe, but not my cup of tea at all, hence why I don't own a single disc by them

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I like both songs.

Will have to check them out properly.

I never know what to expect when I open a thread on the "AOR and Hard Rock" - pretty broad spectrum there.

Most of the time it's way too AOR for me, this is kind of interesting though.
I'm guessing that after a few listens you can get right into it.

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The closest comparisons I can come up with is if 24-7 Spyz, meet Urban Dance Squad, and did a spin off of Fishbone, pretty out there, either a like or not, don't see many people falling in the middle of these guys.

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