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The Prophets Of Addiction - "Reunite The Sinners" (2015)


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from 0dayrox2: http://0dayrox2.blogspot.com/2015/06/THE-PROPHETS-OF-ADDICTION-Reunite-The-Sinners-2015-Guns-n-Roses-Motley-Crue-LA-Guns-Hanoi-Rocks.html



THE PROPHETS OF ADDICTION is lead by singer, bass player & songwriter Lesli Sanders, that once became one of the bassists in Pretty Boy Floyd's revolving door line-up. But this is just for the curriculum vitae, as apart some glammy image, The Prophets Of Addiction have a much different sound.


"Reunite The Sinners" is the second effort from The Prophets Of Addiction, just released before embarking into an European tour.

The press has likened The Prophets Of Addiction with early Guns 'n Roses, Motley Crue, LA Guns, Hanoi Rocks, Lords of the New Church, etc. Yes, their first album was pretty raw in the vein of the aforementioned acts, and while you still can hear some of these on "Reunite The Sinners", this is a much more mature release.


The recording was guided and mixed by former Ozzy Osbourne, Vince Neil, John Waite, Steve Lukather (et all) bassist Phil Soussan, and you can feel his refined touch.


I listened The Prophets Of Addiction first album, and this "Reunite The Sinners" is quite more polished in terms of songwriting and musical delivering.


As said, the music of The Prophets Of Addiction still retain some proto-glam feeling, but now with a melodic / pop atmosphere. This turn the songs easy to the ears, I think 'cool' is the word.

This is evident since opener "As We Fall", a clean catchy rocker with open guitar riffs, some keyboards in the background and Sanders' glammy vocals much more 'melodic'.


Next "Welcome to the Show" is an ode to the Sunset Strip days done with a great rhythm and a punchy production. Great song.

"Kings and Queens" starts with some kind of strings arrangement and a moody pace akin Enuff Z'Nuff mixed with commercial period of Hanoi Rocks. A very interesting track showing that The Prophets Of Addiction is a mature Rock act with substance.


There's a very groovy and melodic guitar solo courtesy of Poison's C.C. DeVille (who also deliver others throughout the album).




On "Razor's Edge" I can see why the band has a strong cult base in UK as this song sounds like early The Cult / The Lords Of The New Church with a mysterious atmosphere.


We find more quality numbers on the sleazy "Spare the Bullets" (reminds me Vain), the poppy "Heart of Mine" (some Iggy Pop on it, very catchy), the riff-driven "Postcards from the Grave" and the groovy title track "Reunite the Sinners", featuring a detailed background synth arrangement.


Closer "Exist" is an acoustically driven slow tune - not a ballad - very atmospheric and with an intimate touch.

Lesli Sanders may have ransacked his mother's make-up drawer years back, but with The Prophets Of Addiction he proves that there is more to him than just image.


To be honest I was looking forward to reviewing "Reunite The Sinners" but dreading it at the same time; 'just another sleazy revival'. I was seriously wrong.


From the opening song I was hooked with this CD - rocking and with a 'raw attitude' at places, but far from ordinary. All tracks are cleverly arranged, including nice effects, embellished with synths, precise instrumentation, and really well produced / mixed.


VERY Recommended.

01 - As We Fall
02 - Welcome to the Show
03 - Kings and Queens
04 - Razor's Edge
05 - Spare the Bullets
06 - Heart of Mine
07 - Postcards from the Grave
08 - Last of the Words
09 - Reunite the Sinners
10 - Exist

Lesli Sanders - vocals, bass
Lee Taylor - guitar, vocals
Mckenna (Sweep) Gates - guitar
Jimmy Mess - drums
C.C. DeVille - various guitar solos


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Was hoping this might be the hair metal I've been craving, but I'm with Alpha, don't like these songs at all. Very poor. And hate the vocals. Pass.

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There's some half okay songs on this, but the vocals are just terrifyingly bad. In the end, I just found this to be a really, really unappealing album.

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I uploaded a few tracks. I'm not that impressed but thought somebody might dig it:








Removed by request:


Hello this is Lesli Sanders of Prophets Of Addiction. Could you please remove any Prophets Of Addiction videos that you have up on Youtube. We are currently innegotiations with a large record company and they want all things from the past removed. I hope you can help us with this and understand. THANKS

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