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Royal Hunt - Devil's Dozen


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From bravewords.com:


The release of the brand new studio album from Royal Hunt, entitled Devil’s Dozen, is set for August 21st in Europe and North America.

With keyboardist and songwriter André Andersen still at the helm, Royal Hunt have once again created an album that combines the basic sound and core values of classic rock with progressive rock and more current musical elements. After selling approximately 1.7 million albums globally and touring the world numerous times, the band’s still going strong… and now gets to release their 13th studio album, The Devil's Dozen.

André Andersen says: “We're very pleased to be able to present our new, thirteenth studio album. While staying on course with all traditional Royal Hunt's musical values this one contains quite a bit of variety – from an up-tempo, double kick driven “May You Never (Walk Alone)” to the bluesy “Heart On A Platter” and probably our best ballad to date – “Until The Day”. Counting in Royal Hunt's usual attention to details – playing wise as well as production wise – I'm sure that any fan of symphonic/melodic yet hard rocking music will be pleased with our latest offering.”

The new recording stays true to the original, larger-than-life Royal Hunt sound, with imaginative instrumentation, intricate arrangements, soaring vocals and catchy, massive choruses. Yet, the addition of classical musicians/instruments and contemporary, modern day production elements move to twist the outcome into a unique sonic palette. The album is chock full of carefully crafted songs, recorded and mixed by a team who combined crystal clear sonics with a weighty punch.

Featuring once again the talents of the awesome US singer DC Cooper – who, after numerous requests from fans and promoters worldwide decided to reunite with the band in 2011 – Royal Hunt features – besides André Andersen on keyboards - long time member Andreas Passmark on bass, Jonas Larsen on guitar and new drummer Andreas Habo Johansson (ex Narnia).





So Right So Wrong
May You Never (Walk Alone)
Heart On A Platter
A Tear In The Rain
Until The Day
Riches To Rags
Way Too Late
How Do You Know (bonus track)

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Hopefully the material doesn't sound stale. The last few efforts have just sounded like retreads of Moving Target and Paradox. Don't get me wrong, those two albums are my faves (never could get into the John West era), but we don't need more material that just sounds rehashed.

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I agree, loved those albums but have switched off since West departed the band. I thought he took them to a whole new level.

Still, its Riyal Hunt and regardless of who is singing it will sound like RH.

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John West is easily one of the best singers ever. He can really sing these high notes (mostly in his first 2 personal albums + Artension stuff), and he's better technically than DC, but the last RH was a masterpiece, I even bought it (on vinyl!). Also,I'm afraid to say that, from what I've listened from various lives and bootlegs,he couldn't capture the magic and the melodies of DC.

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I'm half way through a full listen, and every song sounds like every other song they've ever done in the DC Cooper era. Musically, it's great, but there is absolutely nothing to differentiate one song or album from another. They all sound exactly the same.


I could just as easily have listened to the previous N albums over again. There's nothing to make this material stand out (good or bad) from anything else they've done... it's just the same ole' same ole'...


As much as I used to be a serious fan back in the Moving Target/Paradox/Closing the Chapter era, now it all just sounds tired and rehashed.

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Ive been a fan a long time and loved Royal Hunts music since the first time heard it. :headbanger: And a lot of it is because of D.C. Cooper. He has always been my favorite for the band. I have a lot of music featuring D.C. on vocals. I really liked John West, and enjoyed Mark Boals but never cared for Henrik Brockmann.


John West's best was "Fear" and he has a helluva voice, there were some awesome tunes on the albums he did with the band but the old albums with D.C. are classic. (for me) And I have to say "Collision Course Paradox II", "X" ,"Show Me How To Live" and "A Life To Die For" are all awesome and again (for me) will go into the classic catagory in due time. :D


Dont get me wrong. I love the band. But like Dan, listening to the samples is like listening to a lot of Jorn's music. It just begins to sound repetative and always the same. Maybe after listening to the complete songs and CD I will like it better. I hope.


Just heard the complete song/video "So Right So Wrong" I didnt like it really until close to the end when the vocals and music began sounding like old Royal Hunt. What ever is going on in the first 3.5-4 minutes i dont care for. The last 3+ minutes rock.


Hopefully the rest will be better. Looking forward to D.C.'s new solo CD probably more than the new Royal Hunt. ;)


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