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Shiraz Lane - Be The Slave Or Be The Change EP


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From FB:


Shiraz Lane is a young, energetic and dangerous Hard Rock group from Finland ready to blast out your eardrums! We assure that our invigorating music and mind shattering live performances will rattle some action in your musical nerve and send your spirit spiraling down into an unearthly state of trance. The band consists of five malicious fiends (a.k.a. musicians) who rock out their souls as if being possessed by the almighty Rock N' Roll Gods of Valhalla(?). If you dare to contact us, please do so to the e-mail address at the end of our band description. All propositions and offers are taken into consideration (excluding uncomfortable sexual suggestions and illegal stuff...)


Shiraz Lane:

Hannes Kett - Lead Vocals
Jani Laine - Lead Guitar
Miki Kalske - Rhythm Guitar
Joel Hiljanen - Bass
Ana Willman - Drums



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The musicians are obviously guys, but yeah, seriously, is the vocalist male or female? I originally thought female for sure but now I think it's maybe a dude? The drummer definitely appears to be a dude but his name is Ana? Stefan, can you please make a public announcement in your country and order everyone to have proper names so we can tell their sex by their name? And seriously, can you find out if that is a male or female fronting this band?


Either way, she basically ruins what is otherwise kinda cool. That voice is dangerously close to aspiring to be like that penis devourer from The Darkness. New vocalist, and this band could be okay.

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  • My Little Pony

Pretty cool song. I actually like the vocals. It's something you'd expect from heavier Metal, or maybe Faith No More. ;}

But, his diction can be difficult to understand. Sometimes I didn't believe he actually sang the words popping up on screen.

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From FB: (May 8th)


BE THE SLAVE OR BE THE CHANGE - OUT NOW! Today is the day! Our new EP is available in a physical and digital form. In a CD format sold by Levykauppa Äx and Custom Sounds Finland. Digitally iTunes and Google Play (links in the end of this post). Yes, it will be on Spotify and Deezer too, but a bit later.


Also, big thanks for all the feedback and over 2000 views on our new music video we released yesterday. Mental Slavery is still out there, go give it another play at youtube.com/shirazlane!

Even our page went over 3000 likes yesterday, so thanks for that too - we appreciate the support.

AND, we got ourselves some shirts and bags! They are available for the first time tomorrow at BACKSTAGE, HELSINKI, as we play our EP release show during the notorious Sikafest bar festival. SEE YOU TOMORROW!


Check out the EP and enjoy! We sure enjoyed doing it.







1. Mental Slavery
2. Behind The 8-Ball
3. Money Talks
4. Out There Somewhere
5. Story To Tell



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Still not a fan of those vocals, but jeez, that's not a bad song. Minus the horror make-up, they're actually a pretty cool looking band too. There are okay parts in the vocals... I hope to hear more of that as it's not bad at all.

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I like that. The guitar riff reminds me of Skid Row at points in that track and the lead singer sounds like a higher pitched version of Seb

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Guest MalcolmTucker

Cool stuff, reminds me of the Darkness.

Completely agree. The voice of this Haness Kett, particularly, is a deadringer for Justin Hawkins'. I figure I'll have the same problem with these guys as I have with The Darkness: cool songs, but I cannot put up with that voice for 40 or 50 min.

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Cool tune, not completely dissimilar to Santa Cruz. Vocals are a bit questionable at times... I can see the moderate Darkness comparison, but it's a cool song. Good vibe.

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