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Sister Sin - Black Lotus


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It's not horrible, but they don't know what they want to be, a sleaze glam band or a power metal band. It's like a poor man's Kissin Dynamite with higher pitched vocals and less melody or harmony.

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So I started listening to True Sound Of The Underground and I started hoping that I'd get used to the singers voice, but to me he was singing in a range I really don't like.
I perpetuated though and worked through a couple more songs wondering why he didn't vary his voice much.

I think everyone here would know why that is.

A bit of Google helped me see that the female on the cover wasn't a bassist or drummer as I suspected, but the singer.

Knowing this, I listened some more and it still doesn't really sound like a female voice to me.
Every now and then I hear a glimmer of female vocals, but for the most part she sings so 'full on' all the time that it detracts from the music.

Ima passing on this band.

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