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Royal Bliss - Chasing The Sun


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Not sure if they have been discussed previously. Just discovered them. Good stuff!


Here is the video for the song "Cry Sister" off their new album.


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I dig it.





01 – Welcome
02 – Cry Sister
03 – Rock You All Night Long
04 – Dreamer
05 – It Haunts Me
06 – Drink My Stupid Away
07 – Alive To See
08 – Impossible
09 – Turn Me On
10 – Home






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Yeah, these guys are from my hometown. They have too much of a modern feel for me, but I can see how others dig 'em.


Yeah im with you bro, im about Royal Blissed out, they are playing at that big metal fest in June to, go with Tommy Had A Vision if your going with Lake bands.or if you really like Bliss, thats cool.

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I heard Home a few years ago, and had them on my list to check out.

Just listening to some tonight and I'm pretty happy with what I'm hearing.

Maybe more modern than some like, but for me it has melodies and hooks and that rustic, bluesy, country, pub band type sound.
Kind of remind me of The New Roses a bit.

I'll have a good look at their catalogue soonish I think.





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2 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

Lisened to their 2019 self titled album today and it's pretty great.

Yeah, I like it. I too will be checking out their catalog. Thanks for bumping the thread.

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Not a band I listen to very much, but they've got a few songs that I enjoy.  Their EP a few years ago had more of a country rock vibe.  While the last two full length albums are as was mentioned a mix of straight ahead rock & roll and modern rock with some blues and country sprinkled in. 

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