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China - We Are the Stars


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Well I love that tune. Kind of a more modern vibe, but very catchy, and much better than anything at all on the last disc, by far. I'd love a full disc of stuff this good. Wouldn't say it sounds like the first 2 discs, but it's very good regardless.

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Love the ballad on this disc, 'Uninvited.' Really cool lyric hooks, classy tune. Not quite as polished as it'd be with a world class production, but a great song on a good CD.

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Killer song; horrid video. I really love that song, though. One of my faves from that year.


On a side note, I was just trying to find a video with Eric St Michaels from back in the day on youtube, and it looks like the only single released from 'Go all the way' was 'Slow dancing in hell' (no wonder it bombed), but I couldn't find the video anywhere. One cool video I did find was by far the best song off their 'Natural Groove' disc. Check out a video for 'All I do is wait' -



Anyway, anyone got any footage of Eric St Michaels from that era? Holy jeez he looks unrecognisable by comparison to that new video.

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