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COLDSPELL - Frozen Paradise (2013)


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  • Audio CD (23 Sep 2013)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Escape Music
  • ASIN: B00E35X8KC

Track Listings

1. Paradise

2. Angel of the World

3. Life Has Just Begun

4. Goin' All the Way

5. Alive

6. Life 2 Live

7. On the Run

8. Soldiers

9. Fallin'

10. Dark Reflections

11. Legacy

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Sadly, this one's a bitter disappointment, worse than the prior album while even though suffers from several fillers, it has lots of killers, but this album, perhaps only 'On The Run' [killer riffs] and 'Fallin' are really great. 'Paradise' started great but then veers off near the end, could have been better. The next 4-5 tracks are terrible average, from riffs, verse, and choruses, nothing's memorable. 'Soldiers' is quite good, the riffs has Celtic scent, the verse is awesome, but falls short on chorus, too bad.

Production is very good and I admit the musicianship is excellent too, but the previous album is better I guess.



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I liked their first album, some great tunes on there, but I've listened to a few tracks from this one and found them quite poor.

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Well I bought the first two after seeing them at MRF3 and they were awesome live. While there are a few fillers on the first two I do think the debut is slighly better but Out from the Cold is very good too IMO. I just ordered the new one today. My wife did make a point to say that they didn't sound as powerful on cd and they did live. They tore the roof off in Chicago!

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