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Safire - All Because Of You


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Australian Safire are back with a new cd called 'All Because Of You'. Their previous release was way back in 1995.

Only available on Egay (according to the Youtube guy):

Sounds great to these ears! :banger:


  • Say You Love Me
  • I'll Be There
  • All Because Of You
  • Dying
  • In Your Arms
  • Why
  • 1995
  • Memories Live Again
  • Let You Go
  • I'd Just Like To Say
  • Could've Been Beautiful
  • Only Forever
  • Making Me Feel




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I got this today, once again, I must've had my standard set way to high, cause once again, im just absolutely unfulfilled, I got no enjoyment at all out of this, and I did not listen to any of the songs because I usually dont before I buy them, but I think I might start, I like to blindly order Cd's because I like to feel like I have my whole life, when I would buy a disc from the store, on cover art alone, and it seemed I found more killer discs that way then I do hearing a song or two before I buy, but this is merely my 1st spin review, and does not even remotely represent how I may feel about it 2 weeks from now, a month from now, or even tomorrow, I am tired, so maybe I will have to wait till im in a semi decent mood then re-hit this thing, but as of right now, and as of my 1st complete drive threw the entire disc from beginning to ending, I am far from happy or impressed with what I have heard here, I will spin it again, and get back about what hits me differently.

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Given this one spin so far and thought it was pretty decent. Nothing amazing and it'll be mid-range this year, but it's pretty good, safe melodic rock / AOR.

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6 hours ago, Scorp2121 said:

does anyone have the track i'll be there that they can share?

Have you thought buying off Ebay, and asked the seller ( drummer ) for just that one album.

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