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Most overrated albums ever (all genres)


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Decided to resurrect this thread as i have been listening to Night Ranger releases a lot lately and I have to say that they are overrated.....they only managed 1 truly good release (Man In Motion) and everything else is just average at best....other than the music from MIM I would be hard pressed to find 10 songs worth putting on a greatest hits cd...


Can't exactly agree with this, especially considering they put on one of the best live performances.

I'd completely disagree with that totally, as for me the first 4 albums are pretty flawless. Each to their own and all that.


Backed. First time ive read Night Ranger being overrated?


Theres not been a bad Night Ranger album and 4 or 5 of them are classics imo

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Well there's gotta be one, and I can definitely see where Mr Planet is coming from. If you're talking really great songs, you can basically list them on one hand - 'When you close your eyes,' 'Four in the morning,' 'I did it for love' and 'Forever all over again.' Admittedly, I'd basically list 'Four in the morning' and 'Forever all over again' amongst my favourite songs of all time, but otherwise, these guys did have a lot of albums with quite a lot of average songs.


​'Man in motion' is by far their best CD, I agree, and I actually like 'Big life' as a complete album too. Other than that, a lot of fillers in the collection and I agree that for the most part I guess they are pretty over-rated. I like 'em, but probably not as much as I should.

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one hand, lol. Yeah right.


For a start 'Forever All Over Again' is one of the average songs.


My list of what I would deem 'classic' Night Ranger songs are as follows -


Dont Tell Me You Love Me

Sing Me Away


Rumours In The Air

When You Close Your Eyes

Four In The Morning

Sentimental Street

Love is Standing Near (my absolute fav)

Rain Comes Crashing Down

I Know Tonight

Reason To Be

Dont Start Thinking

Restless Kind

Woman In Love

I Did It For Love

Time Of Our Lives

Dont Live Here Anymore


Not saying that the other songs on the earlier albums in particular are bad.......most are really good. Its just these are the stand outs for me.........and that's quite a few stand outs for an overrated band ;-)


I would point out as well that they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen.........in over 300 gigs.

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For me, essential Night Ranger includes:


As Always I Remain

Color Of Your Smile

Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight


Four In The Morning


Panic In Jane

Last Chance

Love Is Standing Near

Music Box

Passion Play

Peace Sign

Rumours In The Air

Sentimental Street

Seven Wishes

Sign Of The Times

Sing Me Away

So Far Gone

The Night Has A Way

This Boy Needs To Rock


Not that familiar with the last two albums, but there are tracks on there I rated 5 stars after one listen.

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Moving away from Night Ranger (although I'll add that 'Don't Tell Me You Love Me' is a stone-sold classic), an album that is DEFINITELY overrated as far as I'm concerned is Slayer's 'Reign In Blood' ... yes, it's got 'Angel Of Death' on it ... yes, it's the shortest/fastest (delete as applicable) thrash album, like, ever ... etc. ... etc. .... but I think 'South Of Heaven' and 'Seasons In The Abyss' are far superior ....

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Re Night Ranger, I totally forgot about their 'Feeding off the mojo' disc. That's another good one. 'Last chance' is definitely as good as the others in my short list.


Don't get me wrong, doods, I don't dislike the band at all. I like them. A lot of those songs on those lists I also like (and some I truly just don't like at all) but I'm just saying, for a large discography, imo, there are not as many truly brilliant songs as you'd hope from a band with such a big catalogue. And for that reason I think they are a little over-rated, but still a cool band.


As for 'Forever all over again' being an average song, there's only two types of people who'd say that. 1. People that HATE - no, absolutely despise melodic rock / AOR. Or 2. People who haven't heard the song in a long time.


So, assuming you are the latter, here it is, just to refresh the memory. On an otherwise very average CD, this song is pure sexual chocolate:


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