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...and the saga continues...

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Shortly after penning his most recent threatening email to me, where he urges "i suggest we forget about this whole ordeal and never talk about it again", Vegasmetal then decides to start spouting crap over at melodicrock.com's message board:




Gotta love it...



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You know what the worst part is? He'll blame Dan and everyone at HH, when in reality he's doing everything to himself... it's just very weird to see someone so consumed with denial and low self esteem, not VEGASMETAL, I was just looking in the mirror... but yeah, he's weird too... ;)

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Hahahaha. Andrew doesn't want any of Vegasmetals tirades over there either. I have a funny feeling he'll type himself into getting banned.

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Aparently there was NO PROOF given that he was selling Re-Issues now. I wonder which personality was speaking that time? <_< He came right out and said they were and now says he's not. CooKoo CooKoo CooKoo...................... :crazy:

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I love it!  After Dan replies with links back to the threads on his site, Vegas asks melodicrock if they'd delete the thread he started.  LOL


Some people seriously don't know when to stop. :doh:  :hammer:


:lol: I saw that too! Up until now I had never seen anyone use their keyboard as a shovel with which to dig their own grave... :crazy:

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Well it looks like he truly does want to alienate everyone on the planet. From the MR Message Board thread:


I can't believe you people defending Dan. Some asswipe started a thread about me for no reason and with no proof , and you expect me to be all cool and collected about it. I am the best seller of Hard Rock and Metal on eBay. I will continue to be , even though some people slander my name. My customers know the truth.


Dan is selling cd-r's , that is illegal.

Delbert lies to people about the origination of his cd's

Koogles is a thief.


I sell original cds - that is not illegal.


So yeh , i get a little pissed when people talk shit about something they are totally ignorant about.


11,000 to 1


the proof is in the pudding.




When are you guys gonna learn to shut up? Your accusations are unfounded , my story never changed and i'm certainly not going to let my secrets be known to chumps like Koogles (endangeredcds) and delclemons (who sells re-issues claiming they are originals) so they can capitalize on my success.


Nothing has changed , my clientele is as strong as ever unlike KissMyDisc (SUSPENDED) and DavesMetal (MORE NEGS THAN A NEUTRON ATOM)


So , why are you dragging this out No-Bone??


Your comments were bullshit at HH and they are going to be even more bullshit here.


What exactly is the problem?

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The rock buying world is comparively small. The buyers (like the majority here) spend way in excess of the casual buyer. To piss us off just reeks of commercial suicide.


Dan I think your argument has been both measured and polite. Del and the others that have unearthed this fraudster-I thank you.


I certainly won't buy from him and not because of re-issues as oppossed to originals, but because the guy is rude, arrogant/ignorant (take your pick) and a total moron.

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I am going to play stupid here and ask a stupid question, that some of you "rockstars" my be able to answer. (I know the answer, I just wanted the opinions) There has been numerous statements in this thread by VM about doing this for the musicians and how these aren't boots and the musicians and the musicians................ :doh:

Now I have been involved in numerous signings/ contracts with MCA, Mercury, Atlantic, ETC...and the process I am familiar with is the label purchases the song rights from the artist. (some big $/some small $)and then of course the "royalty checks":) (which are nothing unless you are in some sort of regular rotation somewhere).I have also released dozens of indies and the process is a no brainer with no $, unless you hock your wares at some shows or online, etc...I have never been involved in a re-issue, but I would figure that if Metal Mayhem wanted to re-issue one of my records they would hand over a nice check upfront and then some $ to follow based on sales....

So how is the 2nd hand selling of some "re-issues" making this band any $, (which would be nominal after the $ put in to having the album reproduced) that they could not have made themselves by selling them themselves on their website or whatever/wherever.

Just curious.

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I think the point Vegas was making was that the band gave him the CD's to sell. Whether that is true or not-god only knows as we only have his word for it. If the band have connections with Russian bootleggers then I suppose they could be making a buck or too, but again no one knows.


I would be interested in hearing from a band member. A band member could validate everything that is being claimed and counter claimed. Has someone checked?

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