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    Melodic Rock/AOR?Hard Rock from th 70's=-90's with a couple of new un's thrown in.<br><br>Have about 2000 CD's but am in the process of shrinking it due to lack of time to play it all.

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  1. HI TIM-TIM is a great bloke.

  2. Well, Well I got scammed (only on postage) last year by Lonnie and I was vilified by nearly everyone at the time. At last his true colours have beed shown. I am sorry for anyone that got ripped off-but at least I can start communicating more regularly on this board again. The guy sounds like a total scumbag if he has gone out of his way to screw some honest people on this bored.
  3. IMO Angelfire is one of the best releases of the 90's. I would definately track that down
  4. I watched Lucky Number Slevin this morning-great film with some excellent twists and a great cast
  5. I have all the Ten Cd's and I loved Spellbound-the celtic/thin Lizzy slant was a welcome change. The production Rocks!! I have been steadily disapointed with all the releases after it. After Vinny Burns left they should have called it a day. There arn't many originals left (Gary i think)
  6. Lon Are you receiving the PM's I am Sending via this site? Please respond!!
  7. I also have to say that I like Seven alot. Panic in Jane, Sign of the Times and Peace Sign are all excellent.
  8. Just watched Batman Begins I liked this alot
  9. Hi there I would love a go at this. I live in the UK and will happily cover postage. Drop me a PM Cheers
  10. Aldrumz CD's are all bootlegs and therefore begs the question why are people happy to pay c$20+ for these plus postage? I have CDR's of all these through trades. THe guy is a little dodgy selling as "reissues" when clearly they are not. His adverts are clearly mis representing his items.
  11. I don't trade at all with anyone in Brazil. I know that may affect the good guys there but there are too many dodgy ones. I think their postal service is not exactly legit either. I know from trading in the past that stuff gets to the postal service and then disappears. Avoid!!
  12. Earthshaker is a monster Cd every track is awesome. Black Tiger is awesome (except Barroom Boogie), Meanstrak I hated, In Rock is great. Classic albums from a classic band. I also like Ten, Contagious and the Unearthed Demos.
  13. You missed off All Night Long/ Live Loud and Clear. Sammy is always best live and this release was outstanding from start to finish-In my all time top 10.
  14. Be wary of Vegas CD's-he is renowned for selling Russian bootlegs of supposedly legit indie reissues.
  15. Alice Cooper-Welcome to my nightmare Prism-Best of (for the car) Max Webster (For the Car) Tesla-5 Man Accoustic Jam The Who-Live at Leeds expanded The Rods-Heavier Than Thou-From Carl Cannedy DLRoth-Skyscraper Kim Mitchell-Aural Fixation
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