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Former Vandenberg members suing Adrian Vandenberg for his name!


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Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg has slammed the former members of his band Vandenberg for attempting to take over the rights to his surname a second time.

He split the four-piece in 1986 in order to join David Coverdale’s outfit, and insists he was fully in charge of its creative output during their three-album career.

And he’s branded the new action “ridiculous,” “far-fetched” and “cheesy”.

Vandenberg says: “Before joining my close friend David Coverdale in Whitesnake, I had my own band under my own name, which I founded, wrote all the music and lyrics for, made the album covers, designed the logo etc etc.

“Here comes the surreal part: a year ago I got summoned by a lawyer representing the three guys I invited to play in my band, trying to claim my own name and trying to prohibit me from using my own name through a lawsuit. Now how bizarre is that?

“Singer Bert Heerink, bassist Dick Kemper and drummer Jos Zoomer, each of them not having achieved anything worth mentioning in 27 years, are now trying to piggyback on the name and reputation I was fortunate enough to build through years of working my ass off.

“A sad situation indeed – since I always thought these guys were friends.”

Vandenberg says Heerink’s position in the case was “even more pathetic” since he’d been fired from the band in 1985, and points out they lost their lawsuit when it came to court.

But he reveals they’re trying again, this time through a trademark dispute.

“It’s basically like when you invite a couple of people for a ride on the back seat of your new car, then these passengers claim your car is now theirs,” says the guitarist. “Some people have no shame.”

He’s promised to keep fans updated about what he calls “this surrealistic but actually sad soap.”




Didn't they reunite in 2004 or something?

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Didn't something like this happen with Dokken? I get the reason for it, but come on fellas, it's his name!



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Nobody else sees the humor in this? everyone is so filled with rage and disbelief, that you fail to see how ridiculously funny this is, I mean these guy's are betting on the hope that by some off chance, some wacko judge grant's them what they want, then what?? they perform as Vandenberg? nobody that is a fan of Vandenberg is going to know about a new release of his, that doesn't follow him, and what's going on, so it's not like they are going to sell a shit load of albums under that name, this is a total attempt to do exactly what it's doing, get their names into a headline, because bad publicity is good publicity right? I think it's hilarious, and the fact he is falling right into it baffles the hell out of me?? Unless i am way off here?

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Say even if the former bands eventually get the Vandenberg name, I wonder do they really ever get some big money over it ?

i mean, who will pay to see these fake Vandenberg these days and even if they make an album, who'll buy it ? the new LA Guns can't even sold over 500 copies I guess, so how many will this one sell ? 20 copies ? probably some won't even bother to download it for free :(


to quote Metallica, sad but true

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