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Hart - debut album 'Neon' Sept 4th


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Hmm, not sure about that. Rubbish vocalist but it's a pretty cool hard rock song. I'd check it out further but won't be waiting around for it...

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Glad to see this got put up by someone other than me. :) I was meaning too though.


I've been pimpin' Rock for a while now, remember SEKS?


This album is going to smoke Rock is a really cool guy and as metal as anyone, especially for someone half our ages...


The solo smokes cause its done by everyone's faverite Euro-metal genious Julian Angel.


Here is the meat and potato's:


HART premiers debut music video "Untamed Heart of Rock N' Roll" - September 4th album release



Norwegian heavy metal band HART - vocalist Rock Hart together with lead guitarist Julian Angel - released their first single and music video entitled "Untamed Heart of Rock N' Roll." The song is the first single from HART's upcoming debut album entitled "Neon." Rock describes the video as "totally 80s. Think Billy Idol mixed with Power Station."





HART is a heavy metal band from Oslo, Norway led by ex-SEKS frontman Rock Hart. Originally having worked together with SEKS, Rock teamed up with lead guitarist Julian Angel of Beautiful Beast in February 2012 to start work on "Neon." Musically, the band draws from iconic 80s heavyweights such as Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, and Judas Priest, with a style that more than gives a nod to Billy Idol and Alice Cooper.



"Neon" will be available September 4th through CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Zune, and all major online retailers.

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They changed the title 'Neon' to 'The Conqueror'.







1. Goin' Down

2. Lay It On Me

3. Hotter Than Hell

4. 25 To Love

5. Untamed Heart of Rock N' Roll

6. Neon Dreams

7. Love Crime

8. Wide Awake

9. Slave

10. Scream and Shout

11. The Conqueror

12. Rock Me

13. Anchorage*

14. Wild Streets [Demo]*


* Physical Album track only







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Well I can say that 'Rock me' is the worst "official video" I've ever seen. The clips look like completely different bands... and there's no effort in the world to synch any of it.


I noticed I said in the other thread that I was not a fan of the vocalist, and I am still definitely not... but the rest is pretty cool. Good riffage and big anthemic backing vocals. It's quite appealing.

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Really liking this. Vocals aren't the best, a bit like some of the great metal bands of the 80s, but much weaker. Aside from that, it's all good though. Great tunes, really nice solos ... I'm in. :D

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