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M3 Live on HDNet


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It appears that a lot of M3 will be broadcast live. Included is KIX, Night Ranger, In The Pink, Queensryche, XYZ, Stryper, L.A. Guns, Quiet Riot, Warrant, and Skid Row. For those who can't make it...






Should be cool... Look for me, I should be watching KIX, Night Ranger, and Warrant from the side of the stage. :beerbang:

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What the hell is HDNet?

It's a high definition cable network channel (thus the "HD"). They have some of my favorite shows including Art Mann Presents, Get Out and Deadline. Plus they show some great concerts every weekend. I have it on Directv and I also had it w/one of my cable providers. Not every cable provider carries it though.

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Sweet, I'll have the DVR set.


Be prepared to make copies!


Yes I know I'm asking for a bootleg, so sue me! :)

I definitely would if I could Terry, but I don't have any way of doing that. :(

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Does anyone here have access to this channel? I know there are a few of us who would love a copy of this.


Someone has to get this.. :party421:

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From the HD.net site itself. Click on the "Subscribe" tab at the top to see if your cable provider carries it:


HDNet is available from major TV providers across the U.S. including:



Atlantic Broadband

AT&T Uverse

Blue Ridge Cable



Cincinnati Bell




Dish Network

Frontier Communications


Grande Communications



Massillon Cable

San Juan Cable

Service Electric Cable TV

Service Electric Cablevision

Service Electric Broadband Cable




Wave Broadband



Watch HDNet On Demand available from the following providers:



Dish Network



Thank you for your interest in HDNet. To find out if HDNet is offered from additional TV providers in your area or for channel information, please enter your zip code below.


Zip Code (required)

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