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New album samples from upcoming House of Shakira

Socratic Methodist

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  • 2 weeks later...

Gone are the chanting harmonies and style that took them a step above other bands. The samples still sound pretty good, but I wouldn't know it was HoS if the title didn't say so...

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  • 4 weeks later...

Can't be bothered to check out the sample, but I will check out the new CD. These guys sadly got more disappointing as time went on and for me the loss of their lead vocalist is all but the end of them for me. :( These guys were once a really great band.

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  • 9 months later...

I think I mentioned on the forum somewhere, this album actually isn't that bad. Here was my sexy little review:



01 - Brick Wall Falling - solid opener - 6.50

02 - Changes In Mind - solid rocker - 6.50

03 - Carry My Load - pretty cool uptempo, catchy rocker - 7.25

04 - Zodiac Maniac - really not a great song - poor lyrics - 6.00

05 - Fractions Of Love - nice melodic rock - 7.50

06 - Midnight Hunger - pretty damn good hard rocker - great riff - 8.00

07 - Endless Night - okay rocker… not wild about it - 6.25

08 - All Aboard - very good, very typical HOS - 7.75

09 - What Goes Around - okay tune I guess with a boppy hook - 7.00

10 - I'll Be Gone - good melodic rocker - 7.75

11 - voice In The Void - solid, okay rocker - 6.50

12 - Lost In Transition - nice kind of subdued but solid ballad - 6.50

13 - Out Of My Head - nice party rocker - 7.00

- TOTAL SCORE (%) - 70%

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Have never been able to get into this band - just very average IMO.



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