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please suggest some good horror moveis for me


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Best zombie flick from the past few years is definitely REC and REC2 IMO. Note that they are Spanish. The first one got remade as Quarantine in the US.

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Best zombie flick from the past few years is definitely REC and REC2 IMO. Note that they are Spanish. The first one got remade as Quarantine in the US.


Ah yes!


Good call! Talk about scaring the crap outta ya!


I think both are as good as each other. I think they remade it in USA - of course but havent seen it.


But the original Spanish versions are great!

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Awright! This is my kinda topic!!!

You might like some of these gore-fests that I picked up cheap recently:


"Monster Man"

Texas Chainsaw style flick with a psycho in a mutant Monster Truck chasing people down a deserted patch of highway; hilarity ensues.



"2001 Maniacs"

Robert ("Freddy Krueger") Englund as the Mayor of a peaceful little Southern town...that happens to be full of cannibals.



"Nightmare City" (also known as "City of the Walking Dead")

Hilariously awesomely bad (in a good way) Spanish/Italian co-production from 1980, an atomic accident causes an outbreak of zombies that can use guns, fly airplanes, and gouge eyeballs. Seriously, everyone needs to see this movie at least once. It's completely f*cking batsh*t insane.




Cheap but fun "Alien" ripoff from the mid'80s, featuring boobs, a guy getting his face ripped off and an exploding head scene. Yum!



"From Dusk Till Dawn"

Speaking of "completely f*cking batsh*t insane," this one definitely qualifies. George Clooney & Quentin Tarantino Versus Mexican Vampires = Awesomeness. Also features Salma Hayek at her absolute peak of hottie perfection.



"Maniac Cop 2"

Undead Zombie Cop running amuck in New York City. Bad for tourism, but loads of fun for the viewer. (There are three M.C. films in total and they're all worth a look but this is my favorite)




Stranded in the London Underground when it's locked up for the night, a gal gets chased thru the tunnels by a hulking homicidal mutant. Tons of fun for the whole family!


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A few more (apparently I tried to post more media files than I'm allowed to... who knew? :blink:)


"The Ruins"

Mexican tourists check out an ancient temple only to find that it's inhabited by a carnivorous plant species. I f*ckin hate when that happens.




High school meanies accidentally kill the school nerd, who comes back from the grave (after an Extreme Undead Hottie Makeover) for revenge.



"Boy Eats Girl"

A tender, romantic tale about a young Irish lad, the girl he loves...and a horde of zombies.



I could go on and on but these oughta get you started. Happy hunting!

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Some good movies mentioned so far! The Ruins is a good un, not as good as the book but are they ever? 30 Days Of Nights was excellent and the "part 2" is also quite nice.


Some oldies, but goodies:


Evil Dead Trilogy


Bride Of The Re-Animator

Dead Alive

Return Of The Living Dead Part 2

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Final Destination (ALL)

Dr. Giggles

Demons (both)

Cemetary Man




Here are a few recent ones that I've enjoyed:


Dead Girl

Dance Of The Dead


Simon Says (Crispen Glover is in this, need I say more.)

Trailer Park Terror

Trick Or Treat

Dead End

Jennifers Body

Drag Me To Hell

Shaun Of The Dead

House Of 1000 Corpses

The Devils Rejects

The Descent (both)

Cabin Fever



Plenty more I'm sure but that should get you started.

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Dead Snow is a cool zombie movie,Let Me In is a great vampire movie as well as Vampires by John Carpenter and the Feast movies are great big dumb fun.You also can't go past the Romero Dawn Of The Dead and the brillant remake.


John Carpenter's The Thing is a classic and check out Dog Soldiers for a cool take on werewolves and A American Werewolf In London.Don't forget the Evil Dead series as well as 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.

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Simon Says (Crispen Glover is in this, need I say more.)


I saw this one a year or two ago... it was a hoot. For the first twenty minutes or so I thought it was going to suck because it stuck sooooo closely to the "rules" of slasherdom that it seemed like it was being done by connect-the-dots, but once the mayhem started ... hoooooly sh*t, the carnage was off the charts. Definitely a good one!

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