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Billion Dollar Babies


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I see some mention of this disc in some other threads but after giving it some serious spins the past few weeks I think it deserves it's own thread for discussion...or encouragement for everyone to check it out.


It is really solid IMO. I see it mentioned in a sleaze thread but to me this is more Hard Rock (with some AOR) as it is not as gritty as sleaze, has some piano, the backing vocals, etc.


Anyway, I had checked this one out awhile back but straight off I didn't care for the opening track "Boys Night Out" so I had down attitude on it but did find the rest to be good. Recently, spinning it more and more I really like it.


My favorite track is "Second Time Around" followed closely by "Highest Mountain".


Samples here:



They definitely knock Dirty Passion out of the #20 spot for 2010 since that one did not turn out as great as I had hoped.

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Their Picture give's the impression that they are sleaze style, but the music tell's the story. The singer's voice does throw you off a little bit, but still a good cd.

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"Key To My Heart" can be a great Crazy Lixx song, "Restless Minds" is also awesome

overall good album, the singer's tone is quite similar to Age Nielsen (wig wam)

a promising start for them, hopefully the next one will be better

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