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Seriously messed!


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This is unfuckingbelievable. Someone needs to crush the women in the videos.


What the fuck is "Crush Fetish"? Do they have a fetish for everything these days? Sick fuckers...............

How about we put these dumb fuck whores into a garbage compacter and film that.

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I've read about this "fetish" before. Humans really REALLY f*cking scare me sometimes.

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One word - Disgusting.


Read this absurd comment left by someone about the videos:


"TO the people outraged about this question: do you eat meat? If so you are contributing to the suffering of animals as well. You are a hypocrite, the only reason u r outraged about this is because bunnies are so cute. You have no problems with cows or sheep being slaughtered. And i'll bet you will step on a bug or swat a fly without thinking twice. Why don't you grow up?"

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