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My old band MOMMY DEAREST on facebook


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So I put my old band MOMMY DEAREST up on facebook. We are all back in contact so hopefully at some point we can get a serious interest from one of the record labels!\


A buncha old photos and a song can be found there. I will update it often.




You can also stream our song LOVIN CHILD at the following link



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Did you guys ever do a song about wire hangers?

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Glad to see more people enjoying the track!


As for a song about wire hangers nope but our first demo tape was called "no more wire hangers". We recorded 2 demos 7 songs total. 1st demo we were a 4 piece, and 2nd demo we were a 5 piece (added 2nd guitarist and a new bassist).


I have added more pictures. Adding the song titles and more today!

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