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  1. Sundell/Rydholm of Grand Illusion, christmas cd released in 95, and handed out to employes at a local buisness here in Sweden, a very low amount of cds was made.
  2. Or Vanity music group? Bought from them bout a year ago and no problems. Ordered Bad habit cd bout 5 weeks ago and have not recived. Have tried to mail, but no answer! Anyone else who had have problems?
  3. Nitrate White widdow Creye Midnite city
  4. Just bought Blackeyed susan cd. Very friendly and fast shipping!
  5. beginning of august i have grand illusion playing a hometown gig, weekend after that pretty boy floyd is coming, if they show up this time!
  6. Swedish Encyclopedia will be re-relased with both part 1 & 2 + updates somwhere in the near future, i spoke to the the author not long ago, it´s gonna be a big, big book!
  7. i bought an cd from him a few weeks ago, got outbid, & then recived an 2nd hand offer the day after the auction was ended!
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