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When is Glam-Punk too Punk


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I'm not sure whether this has been talked about before.


Though I'm not really in tune with the latest Glam Punk bands of late (Sick Six Crush, Peppermint Creeps, Heart Throb Mob and the likes), I've never heard them all buthave a little idea that they really sound 'punkish'. Their looks would definitely remind anyone of early Motley Crue but the sound is as close as to those of 90s punk-pop. So, what can pass as Glam Punk and what cannot? How about the band LITTLE KINGS? I'm not familiar with them at first but one look at them, I thought that they're a London Quireboys type of band but when I searched the net about them, everything that comes up says they're punk. They're music is so similar to Rock City Angels that they could have been that band. So, does that qualify to be here? And this is the biggest question, NUNS WITH GUNS. First look at them, they're a 100% hair band but the sound is just too punk (but with guitar solos). While I don't have any doubts Little Kings belong here, this one I doubt but knowing about the Peppermint Creeps and the modern punk/pop I'm beginning to question.


And since I'm here, how about College Rock? That is what I would describe and what I know about The Alarm (and another band here that the name escapes me right now but tagged as Sleaze/Glam). So, if The Alarm is here how about the british band CRAZYHEAD?


By the way, I'm not here to question the decision why some bands are here, just need some clarification. Thanks!

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I'm not sure whether this has been talked about before.


the latest Glam Punk bands of late (Sick Six Crush, Peppermint Creeps, Heart Throb Mob and the likes),



wow.... i don';t think sick six crush or hearth throb mob have done an album between them in over 10 years. They're not exactly the new breed.


If you think they're too punkish,then the actual new breed of glampunk takes it even a step further in the punk direction.


It just denends whay you are looking for.... there is some really punkish glam-punk out there, but the more hair-metal glam dones't seem to be nearly as prominant any more.

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Quite frankly the term glam punk annoys me somewhat, as punk was not about a singular sound, it was about attitude and an image.

If you listen to the true punk bands of the 70s, then you would notice that of the bigger bands, none of them even sound remotely similar.

Some were sloppy, some were tight.

Some were heavy, some were pop.

If you take bands like The Sex Pistols, Ramones, Blondie, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Generation X & New York Dolls, and compare them to each other, there were very little similarities in their musical styles, yet were all classified as punk.


Bands that came along later like Offspring and Green Day were certainly never true punk bands, as they never had the attitude which was key to being a punk.


Many people have said over the years that the first Motley Crue album has a punk sound to it, but once again, if they think it was a punk sound, then they have no real knowledge of punk.

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This is a big fine line for me. And such a fine line it is because I LOVE glam, but I HATE punk... so I really like something that leans heavily towards one side rather than borderline... because the closer it is to punk the less I enjoy.


A few borderline bands I can think of:


Hollywood Teasze (especially their debut, which I hate)

The Deadthings debut is very close to punk, and they still have random punk tracks, but not really that many on last 2 CDs

Peppermint Creeps, as noted above. Very borderline. Like some of their stuff, hate other bits.

Heart Throb Mob - scrappy band whose lack of production "punks" their sound as much as their actual style.

Glamour Punks - dreadful, pretty much full punk.

Queeny Pop Blast - a few kind of glammy moments, but dreaful production and punky numbers pushes these guys over the line for me.


Yeah, I prefer a nice PBF, Tuff, Bang Gang, Tigertailz glossy kind of melodic/commercial glam for sure. I don't like there being ANY kind of question mark as to whether it's "too punk" or not.

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Before going any farther... I love glam and can appreciate many of the punk bands from the 70's and 80's (Ramones -who I love-, Sex Pistols, Generation X, etc...) I do prefer straight glam over straight punk though. I really admire bands that can walk the line between both.


When I first noticed this thread... the first band that came to mind was DGeneration. This band is my perfect mixture between glam and punk. Like was mentioned above... punk is more of an attitude. DGeneration was one of the best bands I've seen live when it comes to attitude. The combination of the vocal style, the hooks, and the raw attitude is what makes me dig DGeneration.


If a band combines glam and much more of a punk style then DGeneration I tend not to enjoy them nearly as much.

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That does it. I just discovered in the heavyharmonies data base the band The Joneses http://www.heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=3634&CDName=Criminal%20History and from the comments - they're a 100% PUNK. The band NUNS WITH GUNS is in my opinion, had the same sound and look as The Joneses. I really don't have any hesitation to add LITTLE KINGS, though here in heavyharmonies. As I wrote before, they sound exactly like Rock City Angels. Now I better find some time to submit these two cds before you all start waiting for them.

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Sorry but IMO Punk sucks.


Me too. Sleazy and glammy is great, punk isn't my bag at all.

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