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Hey, hey, hey! It is I, Doghouse Reilly! I've actually been an observer on Heavy Harmonies (the main site) for quite a few years, but never ventured onto the boards, just stuck with the CD-comment pages (used to post under a different name years ago, in the don't-have-to-register days). But my old favorite spot for bullshitting about music and anything else seems to be loaded up with some nasty malware, so I had to bail on it, and so here I am!


Me? I'm 29, from the East Coast (U.S.), and been into hard rock and metal since third grade, when I discovered Guns n' Roses and Def Leppard. I'm into a wide variety of music, from classic southern rock to hair metal (a term I hate, but one that has passed into the lexicon--everybody knows what it means), to thrash metal and even some death and black metal.


For anything else, I'm sure it'll come out as we converse. I'm not here to cause trouble, but have strong opinions, and, to quote Blackfoot, "if I get the call, you know I'm not afraid to fight."


So there! Hello to you all!

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Great to see you come across to the forums mate {I do read alot of your reviews that are located between the slanging match between Metal Stallion & Geoff :lol: } and I reckon you will slot in perfectly over here :tumbsup:

Welcome mate :drink:

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Welcome aboard. Yep, seen heaps of your reviews on the main site and it's good to have you aboard. Get nude and break a table and we'll get down at the disco later tonight.

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