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2008 v 2009 Part Two

2008 v 2009 Part Two  

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...and we're back with part two. Not quite as flashy as part one, but still some good match-ups I think. ;)

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Shinedown - The Sound of Madness


1 great album, 1 good one.




Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider


Not Alice's best work by a mile, but preferable to the W.A.S.P disc for me.




Leverage - Circus Colossus


Leverage's best album to date by far for me.




Babylon Bombs - Babylon's Burning


Not that familiar with either, but the Babylon Bomb's one was the better of the 2 from memory.




Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot


By as mile - great album




Europe - Last Look At Eden


Surprisingly good album after the last 2 poor ones.




H.E.A.T. - H.E.A.T.


By a long mile - Great album throughout




Stryper Murder By Pride


Both very poor, but the Styper was the more preferable of the 2




Starbreaker - Love's Dying Wish


Tough choice, but Starbreaker just pips it.




Gypsy Rose - Another World


Again 2 discs I thought were poor (I now don't own either anymore) but GR was the preferable one of the 2




Bombay Black - Psycho Magnet


2 good, solid discs, BB win just




Sunstorm - House Of Dreams


2 quite different albums stylewise. For me Sunstorm was the better of the 2 (although not a patch on the debut)




Mastedon 3


My album of last year and a superb one it was. No competition.




Asia - Phoenix


Both disapointing compared with their past releases. Asia just get it (I really hope the new album is 10 x better)




Michael Bormann Capture the Momenn


Both soild, Bormann Solo gets it




From The Inside - Visions


Much preferred From The Inside to the solo.

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Daughtry(although I didn't hear it but the debut was good).


WASP over AC. Didn't really like the Cooper disc and the WASP is very good.


Blind Fire over Circus Collasus. I like both but so far the CC hasn't grabbed me like the

first two discs.


Gemini Five or Babylon Bombs. I haven't heard the BB but the GF is very good.


Chickenfoot by a mile over SOTU. The SOTU was solid but the CF is awesome IMO.


White Lion over Europe. Haven't heard the Europe and I do like the White Lion.


HEAT over Grand Design just because I haven't heard the GD although from the sound of it I'd love it. I don't really love the HEAT it's just okay for me.


Extreme over Stryper.


Starbreaker over Jaded Heart. Didn't hear the JH but love the Starbreaker.


Gypsy Rose over Reece. The Reece is very good and the production is great but the GR has better tunes overall.


Bombay Black over Tango Down but this is very very close. Love them both.


From the Inside over the live acoustic Vaughn disc. Didn't hear that one but loved the From the Inside.

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Daughtry over Shinedown ; with the bonus tracks included, Daughtry by a landslide, but even with normal albums against each other the best tracks on the Daughtry disc were much better than the best of Shinedown, imo. Both good albums though.


WASP over Alice Cooper ; to be totally honest didn't give the Alice Cooper album a lot of time, but I'm very impressed with the WASP disc. Easy choice.


'Blind Fire' over 'Circus Colossus' but already re-thinking it. Could go either way. Both solid discs.


Gemini Five over Babylon Bombs ; made it pretty clear how much I liked that Babylon Bombs CD last year (great disc) but man, that Gemini Five one was just killer. Riff after riff it just pounded my skull it. Love it.


Saints of the Underground over Chikenfoot BY MILES ; hated Chickenfoot, love SOTU. Super easy pick.


Europe over White Lion ; honestly, both absolute shithouse CDs. Dislike both strongly, but Europe left a better first impression and even though it gets worse with every listen there are a few good songs on this one. NOTHING is good about the White Lion CD.


H.E.A.T. over Grand Design ; two really excellent discs, but in this contest HEAT slaughters Grand Design.


Stryper over Extreme by so far my balls itch ; the Extreme album was terrible, the Stryper one is a good one. Really quite like it. No contest at all.


Jaded Heart over Starbreaker ; still loving the new Jaded Heart CDs and this one was very consistent. Starbreaker disc left me bored and uninterested.


Gypsy Rose over Reece ; both pretty standard albums, but neither was too bad. I prefer the Gypsy Rose one.


Tango Down over Bombay Black BY MILES ; I like BB, but this was easily their weakest CD and I really wasn't into it at all. LOVE the Tango Down CD.


Harem Scarem over Sunstorm ; hardest pick for sure. Love the Sunstorm CD and I'd have no problems switching this vote any day of the week, but had to go with Harem Scarem. That was a good CD.


Valentine over Mastedon BY MILES ; haha... hated both these CDs. Valentine sucked but Mastedon just delivered a whole new world of suck with that CD.


Wetton-Downes over Asia ; speaking of bringing the suck, no one did it better than either of these 2 CDs. I DESPISED them both, couldn't really listen to either and I have tried to push eash out of my mind, but I just remember that nothing could possibly be worse than the ASIA CD.


The Trophy over Michael Bormann ; another one that could go either way. Completely 50/50. I liked both CDs but went with The Trophy today.


From The Inside over Danny Vaughn ; another easy one. From The Inside album was very good, solo disc was pretty crap. No contest.

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Of the one's I have/am interested in....


SHINEDOWN over DAUGHTRY (easy one)

WHITE LION over EUROPE (though both suck)


SUNSTORM over HAREM SCAREM (love both so v.close)

VALENTINE over MASTEDON (though neither were great IMO)


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Cant actually vote as so many i dont have / not interested in, but -


Shinedown > Daughtry [2 of the best modern albums in the last 5 years IMO. Shinedown just pips it]


HEAT > Grand Design [no brainer....quite like GD, but the HEAT album is awesome!]


Harem Scarem > Sunstorm [i was quite vocal in my dislike for the 2nd Sunstorm, a few covers, a few killer tracks and a bunch of filler is never going to compete against a HS album!]


Mastedon > Valentine [surprised me this one, but looking back on that Valentine there are only 2 tracks that I really like. Quite disappointing really. The Mastedon has really grown on me though and that ballad is just awesome]

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Well, finally found time to list my choices... :P


Shinedown The Sound of Madness - Love the Daughtry disc, but Shinedown is just awesome!


W.A.S.P. Babylon - Honestly, I don't own either, but from what I've heard, Wasp is much more likely to make it's way into my collection.


Leverage Circus Colossus - Their most consistent release yet IMO


Gemini Five Sex Drugs Anarchy - Excellent stuff


Chickenfoot Chickenfoot - Enjoyed SotU, but Chickenfoot kills it IMO


White Lion Return of the Pride - Haven't liked any of the "new" Europe stuff at all


Grand Design Time Elevation - H.E.A.T. was good, but Grand Design was one of my faves from 09


Stryper Murder By Pride - Neither was a gem, but I enjoyed a few more of the tunes from Stryper


Jaded Heart Perfect Insanity - Looks like I'm in the minority, but I thought Perfect Insanity was pretty damn good, whereas I don't really recall much of Starbreaker


Gypsy Rose - Another World - Liked, but didn't love Reece's solo disc...


Tango Down Damage Control - No contest; the Bombay Black sounded like leftovers thrown together. Too many releases too quickly?


Sunstorm House of Dreams - The first Sunstorm was better IMO, but this one was still good enough to beat out HS for me


Mastedon 3 - Not even close; Mastedon by miiiiiiiiiiiiles.............




The Trophy The Gift of Life - Enjoyed Bormann's solo disc, but the Trophy tunes stuck with me better


From The Inside Visions - Much prefer FTI



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I fkn loved the 1st Daughtry CD, Leave this Town sounds exactly like it.... but after months it never stuck. Songs are not memorable like the 1st CD. A real let down.

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