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2008 v 2009 Part One

2008 v 2009 Part One  

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2008 & 2009 were back to back excellent years for the music we all love, and to that end, I decided to put together a coupla polls pitting some of the best from each year against each other. Some of the match-ups will make perfect sense, while others... eh, maybe not so much, but I think it'll be fun. :tumbsup:

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Damn Whip! That was an impressive poll! Can't wait until it all shakes down. We split on a few but it is what it is!! Nice work!!


Glad you like it :tumbsup: I actually had the idea for this back around the New Year, and finally got around to throwing it together.... whew!


Here are my picks:


Dokken - of course :christmas:


Def Leppard - neither one is exactly a peach, but I just can not get into the new Jovi stuff at all


Winger - love Tesla too, but Winger is more consistent throughout IMO


Crue - one of my faves from 08


Brother Firetribe - my favorite band to emerge in the last few years


Foreigner - Liked Journey just fine, but like Foreigner a bit more


HoL Cartesian Dreams - Not even close for me; Cartesian Dreams by leaps and bounds or CtMK


Danger Danger - enjoyed M/V, but Revolve is a monster


Metallica - just can't get into Megadeth that much


KISS - Thought Sonic Boom was phenomenal, whereas Black Ice was just more standard fare from AC/DC


Heaven & Hell - By MILES over JP....MILES


The Last Vegas - Just a hair better than Buckcherry


Whitesnake - not even close....


W.E.T. - a few more quality tunes than the WoA release, but it was really good too


Gotthard - another solid release


Papa Roach - really good modern rock


Crooked X - both groups show alot of potential




Part two ready to go when this runs its course. :P

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Nice and pretty straigh forward poll. Here are the results from the UK jury:



Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again


Bon Jovi - The Circle


Winger - Karma


Motley Crue - Saints of Los Angeles


Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire


Journey - Revelation


House of Lords - Come to My Kingdom


Danger Danger - Revolve


Megadeth - Endgame


Kiss - Sonic Boom


Heaven And Hell - The Devil You Know


Buckcherry - Black Butterfly


Whitesnake - Good to Be Bad


Work Of Art - Artwork


Gotthard - Need to Believe


Nickelback - Dark Horse


Black Tide - Light From Above

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1. Dokken over Lynch Mob, but it was close.


2. Def Leppard over Bon Jovi, although I didn't care much for either.


3. Tesla over Winger but this was the hardest of them all since I LOVE both discs.


4. Motley over Steel Panther without hesitation.


5. Brother Firetribe over The Poodles although I like The Poodles more I haven't heard the disc in question.


6. Journey over Foreigner but I really like the Foreigner disc to.


7. House of Lords 'Cartesian Dreams' over 'Come to My Kingdom' without hesitation.


8. D2 'Revolve' over Marcello/Vestry.


9. Megadeth over Metallica. The 'Tallica is killer but the production sucks ass. The 'Deth has both great songs and good production IMO.


10. Kiss over AC/DC. The AC/DC was about 4 songs to long IMO and had some filler.


11. Heaven&Hell over the Priest disc.


12. The Last Vegas over Buckcherry. The BC was just okay where the Vegas was incredible IMO.


13. Whitesnake over Great White. The GW was boring and the WS was killer.


14. WET over WOA. I never heard the WOA and don't think it'd be my thing.


15. Eclipse over Gotthard. The Gotthard was just okay and the Eclipse is awesome.


16. Papa Roach over Nicklecrack.


17. Black Tide over Crooked X, but neither one excited me to much.

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AWESOME poll, Mike. I like it. Here's the results from this dood:


Dokken over Lynch Mob quite easily. Didn't love either album, but overall I thought the Dokken one was much better.


Bon Jovi over Def Leppard 1,000 times over. That's still the only Def Leppard studio album I do not own the physical copy of, and I have no desire to get it either. Terrible album, and the Bon Jovi one's not bad.


Winger of Tesla ; love both albums, but there are no doubt better songs on the Winger disc, and more of them.


Steel Panther over Motley Crue, sadly by miles. LOVE that Motley Crue disc, but it doesn't even begin to compare with the Steel Panther disc.


Brother Firetribe over The Poodles, again by miles. The Poodles are still only okay to me, wheras Brother Firetribe are excellent.


Journey over Foreigner ; Foreigner CD is decent but very patchy - a lot of fillers. The Journey album is pretty great from start to end with only a couple of hiccups.


'Come to my kingdom' over 'Cartesian Dreams' by the slighest margin here. Only one that kind of stumped me. Love 'CD' but I just thought the song-writing was a bit better on 'CTMK' and without a doubt the better tracks on that one were better than on 'CD', imo.


Danger Danger over Marcello/Vestry ; Again, a pretty close one as I really, really love the Marcello/Vestry one. But it's hard to go past D2.


Megadeth over Metallica ; dummy vote as I haven't heard the Megadeth CD, but I didn't like the Metallica CD and from what I heard of the Megadeth one I'll just assume it's better. :lol:


KISS over AC/DC ; again, didn't hear the AC/DC album but I've heard enough on radio and on previous albums to know 100% sure that the KISS album, which I actually liked, is a lot better, imo.


H&H over Judas Priest ; who and who? :lol: Could not have less interest in either band so this was a pure dummy vote just so I could vote on the rest. I imagine the H&H one would be the better album quite easily.


The Last Vegas over Buckcherry ; To be honest, never heard the Buckcherry CD as I've given up any interest in them. Same dog's already bitten me enough times, but The Last Vegas album is pretty cool, so it got my vote.


Whitesnake over Great White ; never thought I'd see this day, especially because I was one of the few (only?) who wasn't really into the Whitesnake CD. Whereas I love Great White... but not that CD. Easily their weakest CD yet and even the Whitesnake disc is better.


WET over Work of Art ; tough one. Without an ounce of doubt the WET album is the better CD, imo, but the Work of Art disc is excellent too. Just goes to show how awesome the WET disc is.


Eclipse over Gotthard by miles ; fine disc from Gotthard, but not even a scratch on the quality of the Eclipse CD.


Papa Roach by MILES over Nickleback ; not even a contest really. Nickleback are Nickleback, the Papa Roack is a killer hard rock disc. Easy one. :)


Crooked X over Black Tide ; to be honest, found both CDs a little boring, but Crooked X were definitely the better band, imo, with a few better songs. I liked their sound at least.

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Dokken ~ with ease

Bon Jovi ~ by default





Didn't wanna vote for eithe House Of Lords... but I had to.

Danger Danger

Megadeth ~ By 100s of miles

Kiss ~ You heard 1 AC/DC release (which is one to many) you've them all.

Heaven and Hell - in a landslide

The Last Vegas - I can't stand Buckcherry


W.E.T - actually haven't heard either but had to vote.


Nickleback - Can't stand Pappa Roach

Crooked X - only cuz I've seen them liven and they were pretty good

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Nice poll..........


Dokken > Lynch Mob......Smoke & Mirrors was fairly standard fare IMO


BJ > Def Lep......didnt care for either trust be told, but no doubting The Circle was the better album even if it was a mile off BJ's best


Winger > Tesla.......Man this was a difficult one. Ive grown to absolutely love that Tesla disc...I think is kicks major arse from beginning to end, but there's no denying the quality of the Karma disc. There are at least 5 absolutely killer tracks on the album and it was by far the biggest surprise of 2009 for me!


Steel Panther > Motley Crue.......Everyone knows how much I love that Steel Panther album. I think its pure genius both in its funny lyrics and its musical awesomeness. :headbanger:


Brother Firetribe > The Poodles......I think all 3 of The Poodles albums have been great, bit the lastest wqs possibly the weakest effort....bnot to say that there are still 4 or 5 really great tracks included. However in comparison to BF there really is no contest. 2 flawless albums....nuff said.


Journey > Foreigner......no brainer. The first of the great comebacks in 2008. Revelation is , well a revelation :bowdown:


Come To My Kingdom > Cartesian......I really like Come To My Kingdom and it definitely has more killer songs than Cartesian...which just seemed a little to rushed and by the book.


Danger Danger > Marcello/Vestry.......Man another impossible choice. The fact that I would choose both these albums over 95% of the other albums in this poll says it all really. I guess that D2 just takes it by say a % point for the 2 killer tracks 'Hearts On The Highway' and 'Dirty Mind'. A real real close one tho.


Metallica > Megadeth........2nd of the great comebacks. Death Metallic is a killer disc IMO


Kiss > AC/DC.......no brainer for me. Sonic Boom is arguably my fav Kiss album. Pure splendor from start to finish!


Heaven & Hell > Judas Priest.......another no brainer. H&H disc is an awesome slab of heavy metal, and Judas Priest is.......well its Judas Priest! LOL.


Last Vegas > Buckcherry.......heard the Last Vegas disc once which is once more than the Buckcherry ;-)


Whitesnake > Great White......3rd of the great comebacks in 2008. Man that Whitesnake disc is just awesome. Fantastic songs, brilliant lead guitar. Inspired is the word which comes to mind.


Wort Of Art > WET.......this is a surprise, but when I think about it its a pretty easy choice for me. The WET album is awesome and was my fav MHR release of 2009, but it still lags behind the Journey and Work Of Art offerings from 2008! Two of the best AOR albums of the last 20 years IMHO.


Gotthard > Eclipse........I was one of the few that actually rated the Gotthard release. Ive listened to that album countless times and whilst there isnt an abundance of KILLER tracks, there is also no filler IMO. The Eclipse is good and at first I was blown away, but the songs soon became predictable and tired and I think it even slipped out of my top 20 for that year. There are 2 or 3 killer tracks on the Eclipse which stand the test of time.....'Breaking My Heart Again', 'Unbreakable' and 'Million Miles Away'


Papa Roach > Nickelback........Nickel who?? No brainer.


Blacktide > Crooked X.............who and who??



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