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Not sure why... But in the last couple days when I've been on I've noticed 35 "guests" at one point and 29 at another. Sure wish some of them would sign up and join our wacky gang.


I wonder if there would be a way to make it more noticeable for guests to actually sign up...? Maybe LARGER print for sign up or something. It would be nice to get some new blood and new ideas in here.

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I agree it would be nice for some of these to sign up and add something new/fresh to the forum.


What is the possibility of some of these guests being people that have banned in the past?

Can you still be a guest if you've been banned?

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Does the backend of HH allow you to do like a mass emailout to all members?


Yes, but being a member of a zillion different forums, it's usually considered very bad form to spam your registrants. Those who wish to participate will, and those that don't won't.


(Besides, if they are "Guests" it means they have not registered, which means I don't have their email addresses to begin with. :lol: )


There are a lot of people that prefer to lurk and take in information rather than actively participate in discussion. In fact, on some of the forums I visit, where the subject is only something I am peripherally interested in, I never register, I just read.



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Something I've noticed, is that a lot of times when you see a large number of "guests", many of them aren't actual human beings, rather they are web-crawlers, bots, or spiders gathering information. I've seen Google have as many as ten bots running on here at once, all with just slightly different IP addresses, thus, all showing as a different "guest".


For example, as I type this post, there are 11 guests showing, but 6 of them are an MSN bots, and 2 are crawlers for CUIL.com. You've got 3 actual guests at the moment...

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Yeah, I noticed this recently too. As I said in another thread somewhere, there's always dozens of guests on the board and 90% of them are looking at the 'Love those motivational posters' thread, generally around the end of the day in the US, by my calculations.


So I can only assume they are late night masturbators logging in for a quick fix of that sexy action.

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It could just be a lot of the guests are members that simply haven't logged in. The board used to always recognize me and log me in automatically but it quit doing that some time ago. No matter what I do nothing works so I have to manually log in every time. So when I just want to read the various threads without posting I don't log in and so I just show up as a guest.

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