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  1. stuck in lodi

    Zaca Creek

    Wow! This brings back old memories. I had forgotten about this band. I used to live in Santa Ynez where the Foss brothers are from. I was in 7th and 8th grade with Scot Foss. I picked up their cds a long time ago for my wife who likes country music out of curiosity over the name since I knew where Zaca Creek was. To my surprise it had the Foss brothers on it. First time I saw them was on an episode of the old Star Search show. It was back in 1984 (according to IMDB) and they performed as the Foss Brothers. I see that cdbaby has an unreleased album of theirs available. https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/zacacreek
  2. stuck in lodi

    K-Tel Chartbusters Hit After Hit 1984

    I have considered that Captain. I have lots of music "hit" collections on cd and have most of these already in that way. Thanks for the input.
  3. I'm trying to help a friend find mp3s of this old compilation by K-Tel. Has some hit songs from 1984 on it. As far as we can figure out, it was only available on vinyl and cassette. Anybody have a rip of it with artwork if possible? Thanks Here's a link to what it is: http://www.amazon.com/Chartbusters-Hit-After-Michael-Jackson/dp/B001362FKS/ref=wl_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=IZ7UL64VQF6Z8&colid=3BUK61XJF6APX
  4. stuck in lodi

    A monumentous event!

    I'd guess that it's Pretty Maids new cd. Really liking that one. Big fan of Treat's back catalog but nothing on the new cd really got my interest at all.
  5. stuck in lodi

    Hang Loose Records

    I have bought from Hang Loose several times. Had no problems at all. I buy from them, Schmankerl, and NEH for most new releases. I used to buy a ton from Georg at AOR Heaven but he lost my business a couple of years ago by failing to respond to 3 polite e-mails I sent him over a period of time in regard to my orders. The last two orders I had with him all showed on my order that I was being charged in US dollars but both times he charged my credit card in Euros and I paid a hefty fee for Visa to convert US dollars to Euros. So I refuse to buy from someone who can't be bothered to at least explain why he started doing this to a good customer.
  6. stuck in lodi

    Mark LaFrance - Into The Night

    It's from the album "Out of Nowhere". Check your e-mail
  7. stuck in lodi

    Mark LaFrance - Into The Night

    I can e-mail you that song if you like. It's about a 6MB file.
  8. stuck in lodi

    Столбы Ино&#1089

    Delbert is simply reminding us to be sure to bid on his auctions that end today
  9. stuck in lodi

    March 30, 2000... a day that will live in infamy.

    I saw that thread a long time ago by some newbies. I am pretty sure that the high amount of people online that day was due to the fact that for a while Dan had a subscription service with downloads available. Then the RIAA or suchlike got involved and Dan had to discontinue that and take all of even the low quality short song samples offline. I still have that username and password here somewhere .
  10. stuck in lodi

    Spanish "reader's comments"

    Yo pienso que Delbert es un gringo loco!!
  11. stuck in lodi

    No e-mail anymore?

    Same here. That box is still checked in my profile.
  12. stuck in lodi

    No e-mail anymore?

    I noticed in the last week that I no longer receive an e-mail notifying me that I have a PM here. I haven't touched anything in my setup and I do not have a spam filter on that e-mail account. Has something changed?
  13. stuck in lodi

    Katandkira75 on eBay

    I bid on some of those items he got negs on and others he jacked the price up on so I didn't bother. I hate it when guys do that and you lose out on an item and then find out that they didn't bother to pay the seller. Why bid on it at all if you're just gonna stiff people
  14. stuck in lodi

    CRISTEEN- Way Back Home

    I have a cd by Cristeen with 9 tracks on it. Appears to be decent quality demos. Most of it seems to be a bit more laid back than the song in the Youtube video but there are some rockers too.
  15. stuck in lodi

    Anybody Else Having Trouble

    Hmmm... does the same thing with Opera as well. The weird thing with Opera is that when I leave the site and then come back it says at the top of the page that I need to log in but some of the forum sections do not say "protected" (but some do) and I can go in and look at some of them. Just when I try to post in that section do I have to re-log in. Very strange. So it doesn't seem to be IE only. Maybe still a Windows glitch.

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