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Free digital copy Miracle Mile


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Thought some of you might be interested.


Dear Guardian Friends,


Happy Holidays to you and your families! As a special Christmas gift to all of you who visited House Of Guardian this year, we are offering a free download of the Miracle Mile (Encore Edition). This special edition includes a rare live version of "Take Up Your Cross" plus a digital booklet of the original Miracle Mile packaging. This download is absolutely free and is available to the first 100 people each day who want it at www.houseofguardian.com. This is offer is good through 12/31/2009.


In other Guardian news...we will be going into the studio in January to record a Worship EP. We are also considering tour invitations in South America for early 2010. Stay tuned for details!


Individually, we have all been busy with various music projects:


Tony and Jamey have been recording and mixing many projects in Nashville.


Karl has been busy with his artist management company and his work with The Newsboys.


Jamie remains very involved with social media marketing for Integrity Music and others.


David continues to develop his music-based website for kids www.franktownrocks.com


David and Jamie also just completed a website and digital music store for long-time Guardian producer John Elefante. John has a great new album out called "Revolution of Mind". You can check it out at www.JohnElefante.com The band is also in discussions with John and Dino Elefante about producing a few tracks for a new Guardian album.


For those of you with iPhones, there is a free Guardian app available in the iTunes Store: Guardian iPhone App on iTunes.



Look for unreleased live performances from the original House Of Guardian video sessions to be online here in January.House of Guardian will be relaunched in 2010! We have learned a lot since our initial episode and want to make H.O.G. the best experience possible for our fans.


Thanks to all for your support of Guardian and HouseOfGuardian.com!


Merry Christmas 2009!


-Guardian (Jamie, Tony. David, Karl, Jamey)


Don't know if anyone here has kept up with this, but the digital download House of Guardian volume 1 was worth getting. The video was pretty good also, and is available on the HOG website.

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If you enjoyed Miracle Mile, check out Fire and Love, a better album in my opinion.


Tis true about Fire And Love, but Miracle Mile is still great solid hard rock/melodic AOR through and through!

As I've said before, in what seems to be a pretty lonely opinion, I think 'Miracle Mile' is a dud and only the first two albums from Guardian are worthwhile. Even if 'Fire and Love' is patchy I still always liked that disc... and the debut it great.

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I'd like to have a copy of their (i guess very rare) Live Meat Pies or something like that. It was a live recording from the Miracle Mile and Fire and Love era.


The cd is called Delicious Bite Size Meat Pies. It came out in 1996. It was on Bootblack records and only sold thru HM magazine for a short time. It was a collection of confiscated bootlegs the band took from concert goers. They decided to take the best of the bunch and put it out on cd. The time period the recordings were taken was when they were on tour supporting Fire and Love and Miracle Mile. Probably the best version of Never Say Goodbye is on that cd. I used to own it a while back and sold it.

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