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  1. Nothing 1992 about this cd. Not really that good.
  2. Whitecross...I remember when they first came out. Everybody I knew compared them to Ratt. Both good bands in my opinion. Bought both bands stuff when they both came out way back when. Pretty much got all the cds to those bands still. I remember how difficult it was to get my Whitecross cassettes converted to cd. I think it was like 1995 before I got the cd of their first album. Never got into Whiteheart though....a little too soft for me. But I remember when they came out. Still listen to Whitecross and Ratt on occasion. Cool pics of Guardian, Holy Soldier, Bride, and Whiteheart. I think I still got one of Holy Soldiers demos lying around somewhere. Keep up the topics on the old school bands Petragirl.
  3. My favorite is Fallen Angel. This video is my second favorite https://youtu.be/Zcr2440105A
  4. Seller stated is was not original.... in other words its a bootleg version.
  5. 5150

    Sun Fade

    I personally can't stand sun fading. I know I got a couple of cds with faded spines. Ratt-Reach for the Sky comes to mind. Always bugged me and I have been too lazy to replace it. I initially used to keep my cds in a room with a couple of windows but always with the blinds closed. Now they are in a room with no windows.
  6. 5150

    Sun Fade

    Are you talking about cds themselves or the inserts?
  7. I agree pretty much with everything you have stated above. Although I am not sure if doing it the indie way would be better. I am not sure what kind of sales numbers would be different between indie or using a reissue label. I can only imagine it being far more with an official label, but I am positive it won't line his pockets nearly as much. If I were to pick a label it would probably be Demon Doll. Seems like this would fit the style of music described. I definitely would not recommend FNA (only cdrs). Eonian is good but it seems like forever to get anything new from them. and...silver pressed, silver pressed, silver pressed.
  8. I buy rechargeable batteries only except AAA batteries. Panasonic Eneloop batteries are very good. I have found they last longer than your regular Duracell batteries. A little expensive but overtime they are cheaper than using regular batteries. Got them in everything from flashlights, gaming controllers, kids toys etc.... Not worth buying AAA batteries. I only have tv remotes that use those and they only run dry every couple of years.
  9. Yeah it's the 2008 digipack version (only official release on cd).
  10. Anyone else ever had a cd that has the wrong music on it? I got a Keel-Lay Down the Law cd but it has only 2 Disney movie songs (Little Mermaid and Aladdin) on it. I also got a friend who has Judas Priest-Ram It Down cd that has nothing but a Linda Ronstadt album on it instead of the actual Judas Priest album. I figure that getting one of these oddities is a once in a lifetime deal. So neither him or I have gotten rid of these. If anyone else out there has an oddity like these please share any details. I think they are kinda cool.
  11. http://www.demondollrecords.com/collections/vice
  12. Bands with excessive make up, teased hair and spandex made them. Hard rock needed a big kick in the butt at that time. GNR offered something new, unpolished and raw. I remember watching MTV with a friend when they world premiered Welcome to the Jungle. My friend flipped out. I had heard of them before because a girl I was going out with at the time had a cassette of Live Like a Suicide. She got it the summer before at a skate dork shop in Canada on a family vacation. I never listened to them with her. I just assumed they were a skater/punk band. Its funny but they also world premiered White Lion's Wait video. I actually liked that a little bit more.
  13. Yeah, I wish all their cds were silver pressed. Their liner notes are good for the most part. Love that Nobodys Children cd they put out. Seems like maintenance is the reason why they are down for the time being (according to their facebook page). Makes me really appreciate what Eonian is doing. They really go all out on the inserts and all their cds are silver pressed and they all have good quality audio too!!!
  14. Did these guys go out of business??? Haven't been able to access their website in a few days. Anyone know?
  15. 5150


    Sold this cd over 10 years ago. I highly recommend not getting it. Everytime I see this cd it makes me cringe. Like Jacob M. said it is very hard to describe. I vividly remember their sound being all over the map. I personally wouldn't even consider this hair metal because their sound varies so much. The only thing remotely hair metal about this is the cover.
  16. Hope nobody is confused. 2500 yen is equivalent to $25 USD at the moment.
  17. I believe these have been showing up in Japan the last month. I'd have to see the logo to verify. They have been selling for about 2500 yen a piece. Oh yeah, 100% bootleg.
  18. SMELLY BOGGS-S/T 1999 Mega Rare Italian Sleaze/Glam Indie! LA ROXX SHABBY TRICK ITEM NUMBER: 161230356007 BIDS: 23 WINNING BID: $406.33 http://www.ebay.com/itm/SMELLY-BOGGS-S-T-1999-Mega-Rare-Italian-Sleaze-Glam-Indie-LA-ROXX-SHABBY-TRICK-/161230356007?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=Y3qUiLKG6ApmdM%252FOdwvk87sWN8I%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc#ht_0wt_0
  19. 5150

    Cold Ethyl

    Still looking for this myself.
  20. The bonus tracks are from the pre-Lillian Axe band called Stiff. They are from their "Straight Up" album.
  21. Yup, like you said Captain Howdy the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 in the US. The game I play is a US based game (hence why there are more 360 players). Sony may dominate the whole market but not this game. I really don't think this time around things will change. There's no talk of "is PS4 or Xbox One" gonna be the the new console for tournaments. The talk that is going on is "when will the Xbox One be the new default console, off the bat or mid-season".
  22. This made me laugh. You get just as many good players on a PC or an PS3 as you do on an X Box and just as many shit players on an X Box as you get on the PC and PS3. There is no such thing as one system having the best. Yeah, I had a laugh, too. If you're talking about Halo, then, yeah, you have to stick with Microsoft. Personally, I have no time for those types of games anymore. If I'm playing a multiplayer shooter, give me Battlefield. I need team-based, class-dependent, objective-focused action. I don't care about K/D ratio, and headshots. As for onloine community, Xbox 360 was superior to PS3. However Sony seems to have changed that around with the PS4. I'm excited. This Friday, I'll have my new system, and I'll let you know. Nothing to laugh about just the facts. Sure, you could find great players on Playstation Network but they are less common. A vast majority of the top tourney players are on Xbox 360. Nothing against Sony its just that the facts are the facts. Most of the top players are on the 360. The 360 is the default console for tournaments. If the PS4 becomes the default for tourneys and everyone starts to switch then I will be picking up a PS4 for sure. But currently it doesn't look like it will happen. A lot of guys who purchased the PS3 last time around are moving to the Xbox One for this new generation. Call it a herd mentality if you will but those players know you get better and more competition on Xbox live.
  23. I only buy 1 game a year. That's all I play. So it actually only costs me $60. I know this will sound sacrilegious on this site. If I were forced to give up my cd collection for the game I would easily give up the cds.
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