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  1. wasnt the first cd brothers in arms by dire straits?
  2. Welcome aboard Vic, lots of great info and fun people here.
  3. Just got thru watching a concert on palladia, and its fitting that I post this here, because there really is only ONE TRUE VOICE OF ROCK AND ROLL.......PAUL RODGERS !!! DONE!
  4. wow...this is hard to get use to. where do i click just to see all of the latest posts like on the old forum?
  5. I agree with Dan!! that remake was F*ucking stupid horrible! biggest 'puke factor' for me was that damn electronic voice crap thing like the superbowl commercial made fun of!! That fake digital voice crap sucked my ass back when Cher did it, and sucks even more today and will double that suck value tomorrow! if ya cant hit the note with your real voice, you prove how sucky you really are when you use that shit!
  6. I emailed Matt cuz they never told me about 15 strings. heres what he said: "Hey Ed, It's good to hear from you. 15 strings was the first band Kurt and I played together in. It was formed in 1989 and signed with Atlantic Records in 1991. We ran into typical music business BS and broke up in 1993. There was never anything released. Thane joined us shortly there after, and it evolved into Cold Truth. Before 15 Strings, Kurt was in a local band called Hocus Pocus. I was in a band called Asfalt Jungle. Asfalt has a MySpace page. There used to be a Nashville Rocks page with all the local bands from back in the days. Cold Truth is currently working on new material. Hopefully it won't take 6 years to put out our 3rd CD. Hope everything is going well for you. Matt I love everyfreakinthing these guys have pumped out. you GOTTA check out coldtruth.net
  7. holy crap!!! kurt and matt are from the band Cold Truth! i love these guys. if you like this, you MUST check out coldtruth.net very good stuff. they sent me a cold truth signed cd and pic, but whats cool is when i played it on my laptop, the band reads as 'minus one'. i emailed thane from cold truth, he was unaware of it cuz they also have yet another sside project, and its name of course is minus one. so i guess i have a rare cd mishap on that cuz they have since changed that coding on the cold truth cd's.
  8. Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy, Ledbelly, WC Handy, Charli Patton and Blind Lemon......oh man..the foundation of blues, which we all know... as said bu Muddy Waters..."the blues had a baby and its name was rock n roll". I love the ol blues!
  9. Gotta give props to him. I usually dont pay much mind to people after they have hit rock bottom cuz I feel they had the choice to do right or wrong from the start, but I always liked what he had done in the past. Seeing the big flicks he has made in the last few years has proved to me that he appears to have shifted gears and (hopefully) turned around and got on the right path.
  10. wow. im diggin this stuff real good so far thru 3 songs. and for free ya cant beat it!
  11. I like it. Its got a fun vibe to it that other bands like them might catch onto and throw a bit more punch and fun to their style, thus...hopefully bring more 80s style rock closer to the forfront of the music scene.
  12. wow it sounds like gena and paul had a baby and he grew up to sing like the both of them. is this kiss from the new album?
  13. I think the rarest ALBUMS i have are cobra 1st strike, 707 mega force, and the rarest of all...and i have no idea how much it is worth, is ELO out of the blue double album promo issue only with the cardboard popout spaceship and poster of the band.....on BLUE vinal. also have lee ritenour captain fingers promo album with gold print on front. anyone have any idea what these would be worth? pm me cuz i need the money
  14. kick ass song! will check out more of them.
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