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You paid a designer for that?!


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This thread is not for those who think "who cares about the front, its the music that counts". Its also not really for a discussion on professional covers which you may not like as it doesnt do anything for you.


This is about those covers that have had a graphic designer paid to make them = yet have produced woefully amateur artwork the artist should be embarassed about. Its these covers i reckon that gives MR and AOR a bad name. Noone is ever going to want to pick it up if you dont already know what it is. Surely someone from the band or the label couldve stopped these!


So a few from recent times:



The Trophy..


Perfect example of why you shouldnt let a photoshop virgin to design your cover. WOO they learnt how to use layers!! WOO! Random skulls.. random girl, random pond on top of random dry ground...the only thing that could top this off is a random squiggle!! o wait there is one! WHY?!

Now i just need a cool hard rock font .... yeh squiggly old font.. thats rock! Plus a red rectangle for the emo fans. I bet more hippies wanting to relax to the sounds of waterfalls and birds squeaking will pick this up then rock fans.


Pleasure Dome


KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM ILLUSTRATOR!!! Btw, fantastic font! Doesnt remind me of Powerpoint cheap effects at all...


Sahara Rain


O man this is a bad cover! Once again, just because you can play in photoshop and cut around an object, or draw a line with an effect, or blend... DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD! Who had the idea to have "Rain" coming out of "Sahara" like that? You are a genius! As much as i love this album, how can you release an album with camels going for it on the front!?

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Some of my faves... :blink:










Yeah, the Giant ones are not that good. I don't mind the Scorps cover and the ZZ Top while not that good does make me laugh a little everytime I see it...which is probably their point.

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So far I agree with all except Giant's 'III' which I think is pretty cool and I don't mind the Crash The System one either.


Some other awful ones:








There's so many to choose from. Will return later. Isn't it funny they've generally got worse with time?

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