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BLACK 'N BLUE And Z Records Sever Ties


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BLACK 'N BLUE's long awaited reunion album, Hell Yeah!, will not be released through Z Records in Europe as previously reported.


The label and band both reached an amicable agreement concerning the remuneration for Z's interests and a deal was signed during mid July.


"There are no hard feelings on the split", says vocalist, Jaime St. James. "A lot of things have changed with this record since our signing with Z back in 2003. Z originally signed me, and now the record has four original members."


Z Records head Mark Alger stated, "When Jaime approached us regarding the involvement of the other original members contractually, we listened and his suggestions where agreeable. Z has been repaid in full and we wish the band every success."


More announcements by the band on the release of Hell Yeah! will be forthcoming in the very near future.

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Hell Yeah = Chinese Democracy part II?


I sure hope it's going to be better than that and I hope that Jamie would be smart enough to stick to the bands original sound.

I think he will. They have put out nothing but quality releases so far. I don't see them doing anything less with this release. Get it out already!!

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"Serious Drag", "So Long", and "Hell Yeah" were on Rarities from 2007, and as far as I know, all are supposed to be on Hell Yeah:






The title track is the only one I really like out of the three...

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