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Sister Whiskey vs. Dillinger

66 mustang

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Oh man, this is like comparing AIDS with rabies. I guess because rabies isn't lethal it's better than AIDS? I don't know how else to say it.


I sold Dillinger years ago and still haven't managed to get rid of Sister Whiskey, but not for lack of trying. To be honest, although I lean towards Sister Whiskey being the least terrible out of the two, I think there were actually a few decent songs on the Dillinger disc. So I'll say that while they are both, imo, terrible, Dillinger probably had a few better songs.

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I tend to agree with Geoff here in saying neither of them IMO are really any good in their field :whistle:

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Just dug up my review on Dillinger:


From: Geoff Date: March 4, 2005 at 17:09

Damn Yankees and Danny Wilde fans will appreciate this one. There are some god-awful tracks and I usually hate a disc like this on site, but this actually has some nice AOR ballads. Check out the more melodic tracks like 'Can it be love', 'Captain of My Life' 'Bad Love', 'Die For You' and 'Nothing (Without You)'. I don't love this disc, but it's stayed in my collection when many others have gone. To be honest, this has better songs than Damn Yankees, IMO - that's how average I find that disc!


I knew I did actually like a few tracks off it. Obviously not enough to keep from eventually selling it, though. :lol: But I do remember now, they had a stack of decent ballads on the disc. A hell of a lot more than I can say for Sister Whiskey.

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Dillinger is by far the better of the two imo. I used to own Dillinger at one point in time, but I never felt the need to ever purchase Sister Whiskey. That bluesy style hard rock is very hard to pull off. Dillinger's saving grace was that they did do a couple of solid ballads on the disc. I can't even name one Sister Whiskey track though.

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That bluesy style hard rock is very hard to pull off.


:agree: Could not agree more......You have either got it in you to be able to do it, or you don't and in my opinion, neither of these bands have got it in them.

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