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fav BAD COMPANY album

Fav. Howe led Bad Co. album  

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Oh sorry, thought you meant the 'Real' Bad Co. with Sir Paul :bowdown:;)



Of These, then 'Fame And Fortune', which is a really good Foreigner....errr Bad Co. album

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Dangerous Age is excellent and was the first Brian Howe album I got. I love Something About You, Dangerous Age, Love Attack, One Night, No Smoke Without Fire and the best song The Way It Goes. Superb album I keep coming back to.

I'm also very fond of the very Foreigner-esque Fame And Fortune and of the Live album. While Brian is no Paul he does the old songs justice (apart from Feel Like Makin' Love) and the guitar work from Mick Ralphs and Dave Colwell is spot on. Good live album overall.

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To be brutally honest, IMO hearing Howe singing the :bowdown: Paul Rodgers Bad Company material on that live album, makes me fuckin' cringe.

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"Holy Water" is the only Bad Company album that lasted more than a couple days in my collection. The rest all went bye-bye faster than Geoff at a prayer meeting.

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