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What a pathetic fake wanna-be rocker never has been I'm cool cause I

drive my car in circles poser...

He's even a wannabe guitar smasher... didn't have much luck there trying to break it. Leave that sort of thing to the pros my good man...

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Yeah, what a moron. He looked like a dork smashing it too. He barely even smashed it.........failed attempt for sure all around.

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I have not looked at the video but I'm going to assume we are talking about Kyle Bush. Let me say this, Kyle told everyone before the race that if he won the race what he was going to do. I think it is stupid for them to not have a "fake" guitar there for him to smash because the chances of him winning were probably 50%. everyone was warned and it is his trophy to do with what he wants. He said before the rache that he would smash the guitar and share it with his crew. I have no problem with it but that is me.

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