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Wanna See Something Really Scary?


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Interesting but not surprising.......the whole message is based on religious fear and the assumption that being a Muslim is somehow evil.....fact is the vast majority of Muslims are not violent terrorists and are quite tolerant of other religions ... of course the situation is still rather unsettling even to an atheist like me....but change has always been a constant in the world and we will have to learn to deal with whatever is coming our way....

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Being a big fence sitter...and more pagan than ordered belief...I was under the impression that Christianity was the fastest growing religion in the world.


Like it really matters after what my brother told me after his "death" experience...Allah, Buddah, God ....forget it...it ain't happening...get ready for the big black out.

But at least your atoms won't be wasted...all matter survives!


Religion is just a way of controlling people at any rate......and the religion of Islam is a prime example, with its supression of it's followers by Imams and the denial of the rights of women . It's so split and fractured it's fucked anyway. True followers of Islam follow Allah, there is no-one else to worship so this worship of Mohammed and praying to Mecca in the eyes of Allah is an abomination. Fuck em

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We're doomed! DOOOOOOOMED!!!!!


Sweet Mother of God, err... Allah!!!!




Make your mind up...who's it gonna be...."Jebus... Save me Jebus!" (Homer S) :lol:

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Yeah, the simple fact is that Islam is no (I want to use the word 'worse', but I'll refrain) different to Christianity. At least one of them (or to the sensible, both ;) ) are completely wrong and the extremists in both cases are equally f*cked up in the head... the only difference being the extremist muslim is more violent in expressing how f*cked up they are.


But like Dark Star says, the majority of muslims are no different than your everyday christian. Comparing religions is completely futile to me. It's like trying to justify the existence of the Easter Bunny while at the same time trying to tell someone that someone who believes in Santa Claus is a homosexual beef jerky wholesaler from Portugal.


The sooner all religion is dismissed completely from our existence, the better the hope for the future.

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The sooner all religion is dismissed completely from our existence, the better the hope for the future.



The only way that will happen is if aliens land on the White House front lawn..... :lol:


How do you think we got our current president? :gone:

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What is scary is that the mindset of this video's belief that if Christianity is not the dominent religion life as we know it will seek to exist. :wacko::crazy:


Geoffry said it best.


"The sooner all religion is dismissed completely from our existence, the better the hope for the future."

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