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Dallas Cowboys players form Heavy Metal band


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Member Since 3/2/2009

Band Members


Marc Colombo - Lead Vocal/Guitar


Justin Chapman - Lead Guitar


Cory Procter - Drums


Leonard Davis - Bass


Record Label Management: John Gomez JohnTQManager@aol.com

Type of Label Unsigned


You've Watched the Dallas Cowboys Tear Up the Field, Now Watch Them Tear Up the Stage!! Heavy Metal group featuring NFL offensive linemen Marc Colombo, Cory Procter and Leonard Davis perform debut show.... Dallas, TX March 24, 2009: The members of Free Reign bang heads on and off the field. FREE REIGN is a Heavy Metal group, featuring NFL offensive linemen Marc Colombo (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Cory Procter (Drums), and Leonard Davis (Bass). Rounding off the lineup is guitar virtuoso Justin Chapman. Free Reign is performing their debut show at the Granada Theater on April 3rd, along with co-headliner act Shorelines End from Dallas, TX. There will be a meet and greet, and autograph session with the members of Free Reign at the end of the concert, so all you die hard Rock fans and Sports fans who bleed blue and silver are invited to come out for a great night of music. Debut Show At Granada Theater April 3rd!!!!


They say they are "heavier than metal".


What do you guys think?

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Ehhh... think I'll pass.

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If the posted samples are indeed them, it's not half bad. I don't know about "heavier than metal" but I've definitely heard worse.

The first song reminded me of Metallica immediately.


The singing isn't very strong but like you said, I've heard worse.

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The only thing I like about the Dallas Cowboys (or football in general for that matter) is the cheerleaders. :pickle:



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