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Shawn Of Fire

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DIVEBOMB RECORDS is a subdivision of Tribunal Records, Inc.


We have started Divebomb Records in the hopes of reissuing albums we feel should not be out of print. The label will focus on various types of Metal released in 1980's and 1990's.


Hard Rock, Hair Metal and even Thrash is being considered for release. As with Tribunal Records we will not limit ourselves to just one genre from these eras. We grew up on so many different forms of Heavy Metal that we want Divebomb Records to reflect that now.


Our current releases:


TKO - In Your Face



TKO - Let It Roll



DIMAGE - It Takes Time






For more information: http://divebombrecords.bigcartel.com/


For audio samples: http://www.myspace.com/divebombrecords

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Divebomb Records is working hard to provide high quality music for hardcore music fans at a fair price. We'd appreciate it greatly if you'd give us a chance to serve you before going elsewhere (like Ebay).


The Divebomb Records E-Store is 100% secure and accepts PayPal.


Thanks to all who have shown interest and to who have ordered...it is greatly appreciated!

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Divebomb have done a great job with the 2 TKO's and both are excellent. Go get! ;)


I know for a fact that Matt busted his ass to get the TKO releases done with basically no money in return. He did them because, like many of us, he is a huge fan. I know he enjoys hearing that people appreciate the effort.

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Not looking to cause trouble, but I need to know before I buy...


Are these silver CD's, or CD-R's?



Both TKO's are silver pressed and very excellent they are too ;)

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